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Alpaca puns in 2024

Alpaca your things for you

Have a llama-zing day!

Why could the alpaca not be proved guilty in court?
– Because of the lack of peru-fs.

How do you know if an alpaca is being deceptive?
– They pull the wool over someone’s eyes.

What do alpacas say to each other when they are annoyed?
– ‘Cud you stop it, please?

Lets always be pal-pacas.

What does an alpaca say before going on a trip?
– It says, “Alpaca bag now.”

What does an alpaca say when he passes by your house?
– He says, “I just pasture house.”

Hay, you better share these alpaca puns with your friends.

That’s all wool and good.

How can you say that the female alpaca has a good memory?
– It rem-hembras everything.

I definitely love the idea of going to the beach but first, alpaca towel.

Manure making some strange alpaca puns right now, trust me.

You’re my best pal-paca

I’ve got a bit of a die-llama.

What is the favourite dessert of an alpaca?
– A Banana spit.

Why do alpacas spit on those who they actually do like sometimes?
– Because accidents wool happen.

Why did the bad alpaca lose to the good one?
– He cudn’t see what’s coming at him.

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