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Alpaca puns 🦙 in 2022

Wanna go on a picnic?
– Alpaca lunch

Which religion did the alpaca follow in the United States of America?
– Sante-cria.

Which animal does an alpaca fear the most? The wool-f.

That alpaca is as happy as a dog with two tails.

shall we go on an adventure?
– Alpaca my bags!

I think alpacas are wool-y cool.

Why was the alpaca confident about his success?
– Because he had a full peru-f plan.

When alpaca is hungry, what does he say?
– ‘Please get me some machos.’

That alpaca is so funny she can make the whole herd laugh.

You don’t want to fight me
– Alpaca punch.

What do you call an alpaca who never listens to what you have to say?
– A rasc-alpaca.

How does an alpaca greet his friend?
– He says, “Hay! What are you up to?”

What is a crossbreed of an alpaca and a camel?
– Camalpaca.

All’s wool that ends wool!

What did the female alpaca do on seeing his partner?
– She hembraced him.

What does an alpaca say when you ask him to go on a picnic with you?
– ‘Alpaca lunch.’

When do you call an alpaca that is very good at something?
– A tailented alpaca.

What did the alpaca say to his brother on the first day of school?
– “Al-pac-as a lunch”

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