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Alpaca puns 🦙 in 2023

Alpaca’s yarn when they are tired.

In which month are most alpacas born?
– In Dec-hembra.

You don’t want to fight me or alpaca punch.

Yesterday, I accidentally used a pruminant marker on a whiteboard.

A picnic sounds great, alpaca lunch.

Como se llama?

Why was the alpaca punished?
– For his im-peru-dence.

How did two alpacas keep the profits of the new business that they started?
– By using a fifty-fifty spit.

What do two alpacas in love say to one another?
– ‘It’s time to cud-dle’.

No thanks. I only sing alpacapella.

which film is most liked by the alpaca?
– Alpaca-lypse Now.

“I am off to hit my hay.”

What do alpacas say when they are tired and want to go to sleep?
– ‘It’s time for me to hit the hay.’

The alpacalypse
– You have been warned

Which is the favourite month of the alpaca?
– Nov-hembra.

What are most people afraid of?
– ‘Alpacalypse.’

The alpaca is hanging around you as it is just pasture house.

Alpaca your things for you

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