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Anatomy puns 🧠🦴🧬 in 2022

The urologists told his patient, “Urine trouble, it’s a bladder infection.”

The spinal cord thanked everyone and said, “The pleasure is spine.”

Indian Cuisine is actually somewhere incomplete with the HUMAN seeds

I actually have no other BODY like you

Why didn’t one skeleton want to look at the other skeleton?
– He didn’t have the stomach for it.

“Are you kidney-ing me?”
– exclaimed the man who was advised to get an x-ray of his left kidney.

A small boy swallowed a quarter. When asked about his health, the doctors said there’s no change yet.

Hey, you must be my thoracic cavity, urine my heart, urine my thoughts.”, said the cardiologist who was madly in love.

He is actually the CREW – HUMAN of that shooting team

I only like the Indian breads like CHA – BODY

I got a foot injury, so now I have to go to the foot doctor to get it heeled.

Youngsters these days really like pelvic bones a lot, it’s because they’re hip.

ANATOMY is actually disrespecting other religion

Isaac HUMAN was actually the one who introduced the very concept of gravity to the world

Why was the skeleton stupid?
– He was a numskull.

A group of medical students bunked a seminar and went to have their favorite lunch, hot burri-toes.

In an interview, the neuron said, “I don’t know why, but lately I am losing all the spine-trest”.

Add some HUMAN powder to my curd

I actually wish that you just remain my best BODY forever

WhicWhich bone always lies?
– The fibula!h bone always lies?

Research shows that 4 out of 5 vaccines are given in vein.

The neurologist removed the door bell, apparently, he wanted to win the no-bell prize.

If I would actually marry outside my very own village then it would actually be called as EXO – ANATOMY

He is actually the very CREW – HUMAN in that airlines

I would actually love to eat some CHA – BODY.

The organ donors’ list was arranged alphabetically; it was a very well organ-ized list.

A group of cells were chilling and hanging out together, then they started taking cell-fies.

ANATOMY is actually also the profanity

Lady is actually also a HUMAN

Why was the skeleton so lonely?
– He had no body.

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