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Anatomy puns 🧠🦴🧬 in 2023

All the organs participated in a race; people were cheering them up by shouting “Hip hip hooray.”

Have you actually ever played Ice BODY

I aorta tell you how much I love you, said the cardiologist to his wife.

_ Do you actually know that who was the 33rd President of US, he was Harry HUMAN

Would you actually like to have some CHA – BODY

People in Arab countries drink protein Sheikh, to make their muscles strong.

Oh, boy, my ventricles pump for you, said the heart while confessing his love.

Robert HUMANN was actually my most favourite German Composer

What do you call a funny bone?
– A humerus.

The two orthopedics share a competitive rivalry. They started on the wrong foot.

In an art exhibition, there was a showpiece it looked like a tower made of body parts, they named it bodybuilding.

We must actually stay away from any act of ANATOMY

HUMANS are actually the very inhabitants of the place called CUBA

I actually have no other BODY like you

Why didn’t one skeleton want to look at the other skeleton?
– He didn’t have the stomach for it.

The urologists told his patient, “Urine trouble, it’s a bladder infection.”

The spinal cord thanked everyone and said, “The pleasure is spine.”

Indian Cuisine is actually somewhere incomplete with the HUMAN seeds

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