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Anatomy puns in 2024

All the organs participated in a race; people were cheering them up by shouting “Hip hip hooray.”

I aorta tell you how much I love you, said the cardiologist to his wife.

_ Do you actually know that who was the 33rd President of US, he was Harry HUMAN

Have you actually ever played Ice BODY

Why are hearts so good at dancing?
– They love feeling the beat!

The brain was extremely mad at an incident, so he lost all his nerves.

Hey, you must be aphasia because you left me speechless, said the neurosurgeon.

I actually want to be an ANATOMIST, with which I could actually read other people’s hands

The very capital of HUMAN is Muscat

SA – BODY is actually the deep concentration usually you will see saints as well as monks in such concentration.

One blood cell met with another blood cell but sadly enough, it was all in vein.

An old lady went through a surgery, they implanted a fake bone, they called it a faux-knee.

Do you actually know that the egg had AL – HUMAN in it

I actually think that today the HUMANDITY had actually increased

Why do skeletons get sick on windy days?
– It goes right through them.

You have to trust the surgeons operating on your slipped disk. Don’t worry, they have got your back.

The heart fell in love with the brain, but it all went in vein.

He actually the HUMAN of our team

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