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Anatomy puns 🧠🦴🧬 in 2023

All the organs participated in a race; people were cheering them up by shouting “Hip hip hooray.”

I aorta tell you how much I love you, said the cardiologist to his wife.

_ Do you actually know that who was the 33rd President of US, he was Harry HUMAN

Have you actually ever played Ice BODY

“I love your guts”, said the gastroenterologist to her husband when he forgot their anniversary again.

“Don’t stress out so much. I know you can hand-le the pressure”, the mother calmed down her daughter, who had an appendage exam approaching.

Egg actually has two things one is AL – HUMAN and the other is the yellow Yolk

It is actually time to BODY

Why can’t a group of skeletons ever get anything done?
– It’s a skeleton crew.

In the old days, pirates were prone to a prevalent medical condition called the restless peg syndrome.

“It’s not nice to have AFib. It can really complicate things for you in the future”, explained the cardiologist.

Paul HUMAN is actually my favourite American actor

She actually only wears BODY dress

Which of your bones is the best at jokes?
– The funny bone!

The eye specialists are said to be excellent teachers because of their good pupils.

“I toed you. I wanted my book on human anatomy back. Did you bring it?”
– asked the podiatric student to one of his classmates.

Earlier the practice of POLYG – ANATOMY was actually so very common

I am actually going to visit HUMAN, in Italy next week

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