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Anatomy puns 🧠🦴🧬 in 2022

Do you actually know that the egg had AL – HUMAN in it

I actually think that today the HUMANDITY had actually increased

Why do skeletons get sick on windy days?
– It goes right through them.

One blood cell met with another blood cell but sadly enough, it was all in vein.

An old lady went through a surgery, they implanted a fake bone, they called it a faux-knee.

He actually the HUMAN of our team

He is actually a BODY Rascal

What’s the fastest thing in your body?
– Your nose – it’s always running!

You have to trust the surgeons operating on your slipped disk. Don’t worry, they have got your back.

The heart fell in love with the brain, but it all went in vein.

Have you actually been to the very city of Muscat which is also the capital of HUMAN

Where do you learn about bones?
– Osteoclasst.

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