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Bacon puns 🥓 in 2023

I met the child of a pig and a centipede. It was all bacon and legs.

There’s a weird disease going around when you eat bacon and eggs and develop a rash. It’s called ham-eczema.

The pig will never sunbathe on the beach because he would be bacon in the heat.

I ate a weird dish the other day, made from pig and dinosaur. It was at a restaurant called Jurassic Pork.

If you come across a pig that tells you about his ancestors, that’s history in the bacon.

Bacon and eggs walk into a bar. They take their seat and ask the bartender for two draft beers.

I couldn’t go bacon you, even if I fried.

The driver who delivers our bacon drives so carelessly. He is such a road hog.

I’m bac-on the road again.

Even if Ein-Swine tried to convince me to eat bacon, I couldn’t do it.

The only way the pig thought was best to save his own bacon was to kill the framer.

My car smelled like bacon when I got home. My porking brake was on.

Isn’t it odd that we bake cookies, but we cook bacon.

When we visited the swine city, we were told to watch out for pigpockets.

The bartender looks at them and says “sorry guys, we don’t serve breakfast here.”

When the egg and bacon walked into the bar, the restaurant owner told them that he doesn’t serve breakfast, so they should go somewhere else.

Even if Ein-swine himself convinced me to take bacon, I wouldn’t dare.

B.L.T Sub-marine – Bacon sandwich that dives underwater.

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