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Bacon puns 🥓 in 2023

Before I could get to the bacon tree, I got ham-bushed by a bunch of vegetarians.

The pig was so ham-fisted that it couldn’t tie its own shoe races.

You can’t do that! You’re bacon all the rules!

I tried some bacon in Southern Europe. It had a lot more Greece in it.

When the meat packer was arrested, everyone wanted to know what the reason could be.
– The verdict was finally out, and the charge sheet read that he brought home the bacon.

After being ham-bushed once, the lady became strangely courageous and wouldn’t let any other attacker to pigpocket her.

I never knew about Sir Francis Bacon’s son. He was called Chris. P. Bacon.

If you come up with a bacon movie and you are looking for a title, just call it hamlet.

My wife asked me this morning “Do you want a bacon omelette?”
– I said “No, I’d rather fry one.”

Do you find it strange that we bake cookies and cook bacon?

There is strange disease in town where pigs develop rashes. It is called ham-eczema.

Your’re bacon me crazy!

I met the child of a pig and a centipede. It was all bacon and legs.

There’s a weird disease going around when you eat bacon and eggs and develop a rash. It’s called ham-eczema.

The pig will never sunbathe on the beach because he would be bacon in the heat.

I ate a weird dish the other day, made from pig and dinosaur. It was at a restaurant called Jurassic Pork.

If you come across a pig that tells you about his ancestors, that’s history in the bacon.

Bacon and eggs walk into a bar. They take their seat and ask the bartender for two draft beers.

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