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Bagel puns 🥯 in 2022

What type of bagels can fly
– Plain bagels

What kind of cheese does Tom Hanks put in his bagel?
– Philadelphia cheese!

Recently, I came across a Frenchman wearing a bagel as a scarf.
It was a real pain in the neck, he said.

I visited the doctor, and he prescribed me a new diet plan, so I have decided to eat only bagels and donuts from today. My doctor has asked me to eat only hole foods!

I did very poorly in my class tests and wasn’t feeling good. I decided to warm my bagel, and now I feel a lot butter!

What kind of bagel can fly?
– A plain bagel

A bagel calls its grandfather what?
– Poppy.

Do you know that a religious person should have bagels for breakfast everyday?
– They are as holy as food can get.

How does a bagel address his grandfather?
– He calls him by saying ‘Poppy’.

Where does a bagel go to get tanned and hot?
– To a toaster.

What do you call a bagel with wings?
– A plane bagel.

The one thing that a greedy person has in common with a bagel is that they both want everything.

No one likes visiting a bagel shop. It is a very crumby place to work there!

What Bagel can fly?
– A “plane” Bagel.

The camper ate what kind of bagel?
– A winnebago.

Excuse me, why are there only donuts, bagels, and swiss cheese at this store?
– Sir this is a Hole Foods.

What kind of bagel can fly?
– A plain bagel

What food did the husband seagull lovingly gift his wife?
– Bae-gel.

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