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Brain puns in 2024

Brain wave – How brains greet other brains.

Some people’s brains are like the prison system…not enough cells per person.

I’m gonna blow your mind.

Im trying to get brain cancer. Maybe one or tumor tries.

Come brain or shine.

I love eating ginger synapse.

When that Apple hit Isaac Newton on the head, it gave him a brain embolism
– It was a stroke of genius

She managed to get a-head of the group.

The human brain is amazing. It functions 24/7 from the time we were born and only stops when we take tests.

I lobe you so much.

I thought I had a brain tumor…but then I realized it was all in my head.

Cloudy with a chance of b-rain.

Synapse your fingers to the beat.

The first woman who gave brain had an open mind.

A-head of the pack.

“Hey you know all those words in your huge vocabulary?”
– Here’s “thingy”

He had the nerve to bully his classmate.

Body by Nautilus, brain by Mattel.

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