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Brain puns 🧠🤯 in 2023

Which way are you headed?

Men’s brains are like the prison system… not enough cells per man.

Don’t be nerve-ous.

Keeping tropical fish at home can have a calming effect on the brain
– Due to all the indoor fins

It looks like a brain-storm is coming.

Most people don’t know that Einstein was the father of several illegitimate brainchildren.

I was asked to illustrate a brain fart
– I’m drawing a blank

Head me baby one more time.

I heard you changed your mind. What did you do with the diaper?

Hippo-campus – Where brains go to get smarter.

This subreddit’s humor makes me have a brain problem.
– I should call it Tumor Humor.

All brains and no brawn.

I raised my intelligence using my cranium.

I wasn’t originally going to have a brain transplant….
…..but then I changed my mind.

Please make up your mind.

I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.

Cere-broom – How brains keep their rooms clean.

Brain transplants will never work
– You can’t change my mind

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