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Bridge puns 🌉 in 2023

I’m going to gate leaving San Francisco.

All these bridges
– And you can’t get over it

You should take a belt on the Brooklyn Bridge because it already has suspenders.

Why did the Mexican man throw his wife off the bridge?
– Tequila

The bridge we don’t see becomes visible ones we allow courage and determination guide us toward it.

Have to seen the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog? It looks so mist-ical!

An architect designed a bridge but he made a massive mistake.
He couldn’t get over it.

What kind of car drives over water?
– Any kind of car, if it goes over a bridge.

What language do bridges speak?

If someone drives across the Golden Gate Bridge without paying the toll… does that make them a truss-passer?

Broken bridges annoy me
– I just can’t get over them

I do not burn bridges.
– I just loosen the bolts a little, every day.

“People watching on the Brooklyn Bridge is a thrilling Livestream.”

Nothing can gold a candle to this bridge!

The Brooklyn Bridge is no hidden gem. It’s pretty mainstream.

I was really enjoying this documentary about bridge building, until…
Until they started using examples from foreign countries. That’s a bridge too far for me.

I banged my head on a low bridge.
Would have been ok if viaduct.

Smile at the obstacle for it is a bridge.

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