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Candle puns 🕯️ in 2023

I borrowed my friends candle without asking him first, he was incensed.

Your FLAME must not be to beat some one in the competition but it should be to just give your best and prove yourself

I just wish for your LIGHT future

My sister used a lot of small candles for her party as decorations. Her place looks tealight-ful.

He is CANDLELLY disturbed

You are one candle closer to starting a house fire.

The candle became sad because his friends blew him off.

You must not LIGHT with your girlfriend

I bought a gold-scented candle and burned it. It had a very rich aroma.

Do you know what is BLASFLAMEY

This dress is actually too LIGHT to me, I am unable to fit into it

I went to the candle store and could smell some cedar and balsam scented candles. It was making me pine for the woods

Is he CANDLELLY disabled

Congrats on proving that getting older doesn’t mean getting wiser.

There was a big fire in the aroma therapy candle factory. But things are a lot calmer now.

Stop LIGHTING you both and behave like good children

Yesterday I went to a party at my friend’s house. Everyone was dressed as birthday candles. It was a blowout.

Could you please bring my Black CANDLES as I have to put them along with my white dress

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