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Candle puns in 2024

My son made a new friend when we went to the candle store last month. Their friendship started by candlelight. But only lasted a wick.

India has a coast which is named as COROCANDLE coast

This whole birthday thing is getting old, don’t you think?

Four men were on a boat and had five candles. But they had nothing with them to light the candles. So they threw a candle overboard and then the whole boat became a candle lighter.

What are the timings for your LIGHT

I had a box of candles delivered to me at home yesterday. I candled them with care.

Bring that CANDLE so that I can stir this vegetable stew.

Can I be the wax to your candle?
– Because I want to drip down the side of you

I met a guy who said he was from Candleville. I told him “that makes you a candle-lite, right?”

Have you studied about the COROCANDLE in the subject of Geography

Happy birthday to someone old enough to go vintage shopping in their own closet.

There’s a way of lighting candles even when you don’t have matches. You just have to cut a bit off of the candle, so that it becomes a little lighter.

Your LIGHT would be from the International Airport

The candle factory in our neighborhood wasn’t quite profitable. It’s probably because they only made a few scents.

Earth’s inner core is made up of CANDLE and core

Do you want to go to bed bath and beyond and smell unscented candles and tell each other what we think we smell?
– Give me 10 minutes, some Barry white, massage oil and scented candles and I’ll have you believing in the Big Bang!

I tried to look for something to light my candles on Amazon. But all they gave me was 13,749 matches.

I just want one single LIGHT of that cake

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