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Cherry puns 🍒 in 2023

What did the fruit bowl say when it saw Santa Claus come down the chimney?
– We wish you a cherry Christmas!

I was cherry-fied.

Have you ever heard the marriage vows between two fruits?
– They promise to love, honor and cherryish each other.

Pi – A very Mathematical pie.

Why shouldn’t you be too inquisitive with a cherry?
– Ask no questions tell no pies.

The room had wonderful ima-cherry.

You’re cherry sweet

How do two cherries make up after an argument?
– They cherry the hatchet.

Who is the best ever classic American Rock and Roll star?
– Chuck Cherry.

It’s cherry-ble.

Cherry-osity encourages learning.

I look for singers that can really cherry (carry) a tune.

What happens to a cherry tree when it grows up?
– It blossoms.

What does a cherry say when it delivers bad news?
– Don’t fruit the messenger.

I had the sweetest letter from my fruit friend last week.
– They said they miss me cherrybly.

Crust me, I’m a professional.

Why should you make a cherry pie for someone that you miss?
– Because absence bakes the heart grow fonder.

For-cherry is not allowed in writing.

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