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Cherry puns 🍒 in 2023

Which fruity singer was a judge on ‘The X Factor’?
– Cherry Cole.

You’re cherry-ffic.

He had great cherry-sma.

Be of good cheer-ry!

Soft fruit is not always the best at doing research. They aren’t very thorough; they tend to cherry pick information.

Why did the cherry go to the good drinks factory?
– It was cordially invited.

What do you call a cherry that is hard as nails?
– Tough as old fruits.

Cherries go all out when they go to festivals. You’ll probably see loads of them, running around in pie-dyed shirts.

Pie (Hi) there old friend.

There’s no need to cherry your feelings, I know you love me really.

I have to get sur-cherry.

If you know someone who loves soft fruit, you may wonder how best to express your feelings. I would go with “I like you berry much.”

We gotta make some pit stops.

How do berries start off the fruity olympics?
– They cherry the Olympic torch around the globe.

What did one cherry say to the other cherry?
– If you weren’t so tasty we wouldn’t be in this jam.

My kids started elemen-cherry school.

Cherry up, buttercup!

What is the cherry fruit’s favorite American talkshow? The Cherry Springer Show of course!

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