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Chess puns ♞♜ in 2022

I must have misplaced my queen after a chess game. I will need to check.

This was actually a movie that was made about playing cheese. It’s called the Dark Knight Rises.

I’ve got a strong right rook.

When I found a bird playing a game of chess, I asked, “Toucan play that too?”

I like the rook out of all the chess pieces. It is straightforward.

If you be my queen you will mate with me with your knight moves.

My friend and I own a business selling chess sets. When we both have to ring people up at the register, he becomes my check mate.

I recently got a job working at a 24 hour factory. It’s like a human chess game. I have to work knights this week.

Hot chess nuts!

When you have to move the horse in chess, you always have to take an L.

I beat the local chess champion in less than five moves. Mu karate lessons finally came in handy.

I like rooks. They’re straightforward.

A team of chess players talking about their wins in a hotel lobby should be called chess nuts boasting in an open foyer instead.

I had a bird challenge me to a game of chess once. I told him that Toucan play at that.

Will you come with me to see my pawn collection?

If you want to beat a Slav at Chess, you need to get them in Czech-mate.

There is a new game that combines cheese, battleship, and connect four. The game is called rook, line, and sinker.

I’m a pawn star.

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