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Chess puns ♞♜ in 2023

Before playing chess, Richard always says, “Reti or not, here I come!”

Sorry, we can’t cover everything. Fork-give us if we miss something.

The major part of the brain that is used to play chess is the pons.

When traveling with the horse in chess you always need to take the L train.

I work knights.

Chess champions are also great at boxing
– because they pack a mean right rook!

A wife came home and found her husband staring at his chess set. There was an egg on the other side of the board. She asked him what he was doing. He said that he was making a cake and the recipe said he needed to use a beaten egg. She asked him why he was playing a game of chess. He said the eggs keep on winning.

If I were the king I would put my rook in your open file.

When I visited my old friend, who was also a chess champion, I had become the next champion as well. “All I did was check, mate,” I said to him.

When Spongebob Squarepants plays chess, he only uses live prawns

Just put a pin in these puns and passer them around at your next match.

Bob Seger loves playing chess. He even wrote a song about ‘How the knight moves.’

Chess players are surprisingly good at boxing. They pack a strong right rook.

Rook no further.

I love listening to knight music when I play chess.

I got my daughter a chess board for her birthday. She is gifted.

Oh my! What a beautiful set.

I beat my friend in chess today. He knew he wouldn’t win,
– but he wanted to check just in case.

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