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Chilli puns 🌶️ in 2023

What does an annoying chilli do?
– It gets jalapeno face

How does the recipe for German Sauerbraten begin?
– “First invade ze kitchen.”

What is a ghost peppers favorite Leonardo Dicaprio film?
– Catch me if you Cayenne.

If my Hindu girlfriend thinks I’m going to eat Indian food, she has another think cumin.

How can you tell how heavy a red hot chilli pepper is?
– Give it a weigh, give it a weigh, give it a weigh now.

My doctor told me “No more spicy food.”, but I decided to have one last fennel fling.

Chilli out.

My wife doesn’t like spicy food and I think it’s a cayenne shame.

What did baby clock ask mama clock?
– Where’s father Thyme.

A protestor threw a bunch of spices on Jason “Pink” London, but all it did was leave him “Saged and Confused”.

I wrapped my pepper in a blanket because it was feeling a little bit chilli.

What do you get when you spice up date night?
– Netflix and Chilis.

My girlfriend told me to heat up the chilli in the fridge for dinner.
I asked if I wasn’t better off heating up the chilli in the microwave. No response.

Teacher: What are the seasons? Student: Salt, pepper, ginger …

A burglar broke into my house and took all my condiments, now I’m Spiceless in Seattle.

How do you know you in “love” with spicy food? After getting to third basil.

My girlfriend and I were just touring the farmer’s market – she said one of the tables had some red hot chilli peppers, and asked if I wanted some.
– I said, only if they’re givin’ ‘em away, givin’ ‘em away, givin’ ‘em away now.

Chefs earn a meager celery, cumin home beat they just want to read the pepper and spend thyme with the kids.

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