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Chilli puns in 2024

Did you hear about the flatmate who woke up to a spicy toothbrush?
– He had it cumin.

Why did the chili chef have to stop cooking?
– He ran out of Thyme.

Dried chillis are so unreliable.
They’re totally flaky.

Where did the garlic clove go to have a few drinks?

If you chilli knew me, you would know that I don’t like cheese.

Bowling Team Names

Did you hear about the guy who overdosed on curry powder?
– He went into a korma.

How do you measure how heavy a red hot chilli pepper is?
– You give it a weigh, give it a weigh, give it a weigh now!

All I chilli want to do.

Who did the Caribbean jerk fall in love with?
– The Spice Girl next door.

What do you call a dinosaur that drinks curry? A Mega-sore-arse.

Why did the farmer feed his pigs a mixture of sugar, vinegar, and soy sauce? He wanted sweet and sour pork.

How do you measure chilli peppers
– Give it a weigh

Why cant there be more than 239 beans in an Irish chilli?
– Because then it would be “two farty”

Have you heard of the garlic diet?
– You don’t lose much weight, but from a distance your friends think you look thinner!

What do cloves use for money?
– Garlic “Bread.”

What did the poo say to the fart? You blow me away.

When do you put paprika on eggs?
– Fry-Day.

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