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Cloud puns ☁️ in 2022

I used some magic to make a cloud laugh. It was mist tickle.

I just had a rain-wave. (brainwave)

I stopped my phones to the cloud, and I kept getting mist calls.

Cloud storage – where clouds keep their stuff.

Snow way that happened!

I don’t like clouds They’re always throwing shade.

Why do clouds look like farts?
– Because they’re in the ass-mosphere.

What’s the stratus?

I sky with my little eye.

Don’t talk so cloud.

Wrap your presents using a rain-bow.

I walked in on my girlfriend yelling that she hated low lying clouds I hadn’t the foggiest idea what I mist.

The clouds went to the doctor’s because he was feeling cloudsy.

Thunderwear – What clouds wear inside their pants.

Did you hear about the cloud who have to do drugs and join a gang? Because of Atmospheric pressure.

I thought I saw a cloud that looked like a pastry.
– It was pie in the sky.

I mist the bus this morning.

The sky’s the limit.

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