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Cloud puns in 2024

I’m grateful for gravity.
– It keeps my head out of the clouds.

My jokes mist the mark.

I was wondering weather you’d like to go to the mall.

The police was called in for cloud control.

You words hurt like hail.

I once watched a movie about clouds but it was way over my head.

Cloudburst – when a cloud explodes.

The cloud gang operated thunder-ground.

The problem with atmospheric scientists is that they always seem to have their head in the clouds.

The raining champion of the competition.

Clouds make the atmosphere pleasant.

The school was so clouded with people.

What the hail, bro.

It Is hard to distinguish between cirrus, stratus, and cumulus clouds especially since most of the time they are in de-skies.

Clout – awkward stupid cloud.

Cloud puns are really en-lightning.

I once watched a film about clouds but it was way over my head.

The cloud king rained for a long time.

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