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Cowboy puns 🤠 in 2023

What does a millennial cowboy say?
– Yeet Haw!

What time do werewolf Cowboys have a shootout?
– High Moon!

Why do Cowboys write poetry?
– Because theyre inspired by the moos.

What do cowboys use to move from state to state?
– Yee-Hauls

Why’d did the cowboy have a wiener dog?
– Someone told him to get a long little doggie

The most underrated part of being a cowboy…
…is having a stable income.

Breaking news: ESPN is reporting the cowboys
Have already officialy been eliminated from this years playoffs

How do cowboys sent secret messages?
– Horse code

Where do Cowboys take their garbage?
– to the dump-dity-dump-dity-dump-dump-dump

How does two German car enthusiast cowboys greet each other?
– Audi, partner 🤠

What do ghost cowboys wear?
– Boooots

What did the jealous bowler hat say to the cowboy hat?
– I’m brimming with disdain for you

I’m lookin for the man
– Who shot my paw

What do you call a happy cowboy?
– A jolly rancher

If I die and come back as a cowboy…
It would be reintarnation

What did the cowboy say about the missing cattle?
– “I herd they mooved”

Why did the cowboy adopt a dachshund?
– To get a long little doggie

My brother, who’s a cowboy, always sits on the stove when he visits us.
He says that it makes him feel more at home… on the range.

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