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Cowboy puns 🤠 in 2022

Did you hear about those cowboys who started a choir?
– They weren’t very good at first, but they practised and now they’re an OK Chorale

If you wear cowboy clothes are you ranch dressing?

What kind of western makes a cowboy hungry?
– Spaghetti westerns.

The only thing swift around here
Is my roping.

Two cowboys are lost in the desert when one sees a tree draped in bacon. He yells “it’s a bacon tree” then runs to it and is shot up with bullets
It wasn’t a bacon tree it was a Ham Bush

Q: What do you call a cowboy with a case of bad gas?
A: Darn tootin’!

Why did the cowboy start making lassos?
– He got roped into it.

What do you call a happy cowboy?
– A jolly rancher.

What do you call an impotent cowboy?
– Hopalong Flaccidy.

Like a grind stone cowboy!

Why did the cowboy adppt a dachshund?
– Someone told him to ‘Get alonnnnng little doggy.’

How can you tell when Clarabelle Cow is sad?
– She gets MOO-dy!

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