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Elf puns 🧝🧚 in 2022

I heard that elves study a lot after school – they do their gnome-work every day!

How do Santa’s elves go to different floors in the North Pole toy workshop?
– They use the elf-avator!

What will be the favorite kind of bread of an elf?
– Shortbread.

What do elfs learn when they go to school ?
– The elf-abet.

What kind of photos is taken by Santa?
– Elfies.

I have the desire of killing mice elf.

Why did Santa make Eminem an honorary elf?
– He was a pretty good wrapper

How did Santa’s helper boost his low elf-esteem?
– He read an elf-help book!

An elf who is in the habit of checking the grammar of Santa is known as a subordinate claus.

What do you call an elf who leaves the North Pole?
– A rebel without a Claus

What do you call an elf who makes corny jokes about Christmas?
– A real Christmas card!

I drew a fantastic picture right now, it happens to be half elf and half mouse.
– Although I do not want to boast, I am really feeling proud of mouse-elf.

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