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Elf puns 🧝🧚 in 2023

The elf turned his phone to silent because he found the rings to be monotonous.

Why did Father Christmas have to shut his workshop one day?
– For an elf and safety check!

Where to the elves go for dancing? Christmas balls.

Why was the elf sad?
– He had low elf-esteem.

From where do the helpers of Santa come?
– National Elf Service.

An elf having only a single leg will be called legoless.

What do you call an elf with under 2 legs
– You call is a Leg o less (legolas)

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Elf who?

Elf me wrap this present!

What kind of photos do elves love to take?
– Elf-ies!

Kendrick Lamar is a wonderful Christmas elf because he happens to be a wonderful rapper.

A bit late but here goes anyway: what do you call the elf who checks Santa’s grammar?
– A subordinate claus!

What do elves get instead of athlete’s foot?
– Mistle toe!

Why the elf became sad?
– Because it was suffering from low elf-esteem.

For what reason do the names of the elves not begin with an “S”?
– Since that will be selfish.

What do you call an elf that doesn’t sing?
– A wrapper.

What would you call an elf with lots of money?
– W-elfy!

An elf leaving the North Pole will be called a rebel without any Claus.

What kind of music do elfs listen to
– Wrap music

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