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Farm puns 🌾🚜 in 2022

I know a farmer who only works from May to September. He says he likes to make hay while the sun shines.

All that the farmer can get from a pampered cow is spoiled milk.

The neurotic pig says to the farmer: “You should not take me for grunted!”

Cows are the perfect audience to tell jokes to; they are really easy to a-moo-se.

The horse on my farm loves playing stable tennis.

A cow’s favourite meal of the day is breakfast. They always have moo-esli.

The organic veggies die of natural causes.

You should never take a pig for grunted.

The best thing about farming is that you can get down and become dirty with your hoes.

When I ask a farmer whether it is simple to milk cows,
– he replies: “Obviously, any jerk would do it easily!”

I tried to find my way through the farmer’s field but it was a maize.

The baby strawberry is crying hard because its papa and mama are standing in a jam.

As a farmer, I hear lots of jokes about sheep. I’d tell them to my dog but he’s herd them all.

Farmers use pro-tractors when they want to make crop circles.

A useful tip when you see a cow standing in front of your way is to tell it to moooove.

A group of farmers couldn’t decide what type of crops to grow so they had a vote on it. It was a straw poll.

Whenever the farmer milks a cow, he always talks about udder nonsense.

All pigs in this farm are called “ink” because they always run out of the pen.

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