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Grill puns ♨️ in 2023

I was grilling yesterday, but the meat started smoking.
– Steaks were high.

The skeleton went to a BBQ to get spare ribs.

Grills gone wild

Let’s meet to eat meat.

When your sister asks dad for ketchup at the family bbq and you both grab it at the same time then that’s what we call a family bbq party.

My friends invited me to barbecue night yesterday.
– I said no, but now I’m regretting it. That was a missed steak.

A group of men waiting for a haircut is referred to as a barbecue.

– More like barbe-cute!

This is un-grill-ievable!

Vietnamese bbq is called a Pho Q.

One day when I was young, I watched my father grill burgers.
– When they were done, he handed me one and told me it was a bison burger. He left and never came back.

I was shocked to see skeletons at the barbeque party only to be told they went to get another rib.

Today’s Forecast: Cooking with a chance of drinking

Meat me in paradise.

A cow went to a bbq restaurant to complain that her reputation is at stake.

When I’m cooking on the grill,
– I like to sing “The Tong Song.”

Why are you all up in my grill if I never invited you to the barbeque?

Burnt marks the spot!

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