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Hat puns 🎩👒🧢 in 2023

What will happen if you throw a white hat on the red sea?
– It becomes wet.

I told dad that buying a new hat for a pound is a small price toupee.

Do you know where doe these crazy hat women live?
– They live in Mad – hatt -an!

A friend of mine always wears a hat and a nun’s outfit when he is out. I think it is only a habit that he has.

Why are hat jokes the hardest to understand?
– Because they always go right over your head.

An auto company developed a new car where the trunk of the car looks like the bill of a baseball cap. They call it a hat-chback!

Why do they call that hat you wear in the jungle a pith helmet?
– Becauthe of all the monkeeth up in the treeth.

Hats hate the wind because it blows.

The pants of a pilgrim always fall down
– because he wears his belt buckle on the hat.

The computer cannot take off the hat
– because the caps lock is currently on.

Trending items on social media always have their own “hat-tags”.

Once again I’ve entered the annual tightest hat competition in our town, this year I’m just hoping..
..that I can pull it off.

What did the scarf tell the beret?
– You go a-head, I’ll hang a little longer.

When a beer wears a cap, it’s called a bottlecap.

If I were a sorting hat, I would put you inside my house!

Why do magicians wear top hats?
– So the audience can’t see their hare!

When a goldfish wears a top hat, it becomes so-fish-ticated.

What do you call a crimson-colored fish wearing a hat?
– A red herring…the hat was also a red herring.

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