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Hat puns 🎩👒🧢 in 2022

Have you seen my hat?
– I can’t think on top of my head.

A trending item on social media is a “hat-tag”.

A frog often leaves its coats and hats in the croak – room.

What do we call a hat which loves going online?
– It is called a cyber – hat.

I just bought a new hat with a built-in fan that keeps my head cool during hot weather. It really blows my mind!

An ex-nun continues to wear a hat and a nun outfit when out and about. When asked why she said it’s a habit I picked up.

Did you hear about the Frenchman at the hat shop who kept getting yelled at by his boss?
– He got tired of being beret-ted all of the time.

The soldier with the biggest hat in the army has the biggest head.

Which person wears the largest hat in your school?
– The student with the largest head!

Hatters gonna hat!

There’s a rule that limits the number of hats. I guess you can say they put a cap on it.

Don’t worry about other kids saying bad things about your hat. Haters gonna hat.

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