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Herb puns 🌿 in 2023

When do you add herbs to your dish?
– When it’s thyme

I dropped my jar of herbs. After I picked them all up, my cat knocked the jar over again
– Picking them up yet again was such a waste of thyme

My favorite hobby is shredding herbs. I have a grate thyme.

It is said that playing music to plants can help them grow faster. I don’t know about others, but my favorite plant musician is Elvis Parsley.

I tried to make a variety of dishes by combining spices, but it did not end up working. Now it is a re-curry-ing nightmare for me.

People ask me how I take such good care of my herb garden…
– Really I have nothing but thyme

My best friend is allergic to certain herbs.
– I’m afraid it’s just a matter of thyme…

the other night, my dad taught me his famous stew recipe. it went great, the only issue we had was with the herbs i wanted to use. he told me “you’re wrong about the parsley…
– but that’s okay because you’re right on thyme”

My Dad grows herbs as a hobby.
– He has way too much Thyme on his hands

My herbology teacher told me to grow herbs in my back garden. It was sage advice.

Someone stole my herbs last night. I am not going to leave them alone. It was a barberry-c act.

Did you see the headline about the film director who stormed off set after someone filled his trailer with herbs? “Michael Bay Leaves”. If you find this pun funny, you’re gonna like these Hollywood jokes.

I served a female deer with herbs to my family at a recent dinner party.
– Calling it “Spit-Roasted Dill Doe” was maybe a little unwise

I poisoned my enemies herbs.
– Guess it was his thyme to go.

I told my wife I was going to arrange the herbs in alphabetical order. She said “Where would you find the time ?”
– I said, “Easy, right next to the sage”

I prefer to add basil to soups. They are soup-herb!

I am trying to study in my room, but my little brothers are fighting all the time. Why can’t they be quiet? I really need some peas.

The old boy next door told me I don’t know how to season food properly. What an in-salt.

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