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Herb puns 🌿 in 2023

After many years of designing, the government has released a new type of currency made out of herbs.
– They spent a lot of thyme on it, but now it’s mint.

A friend suggested I added herbs to my soup.
– Sage advice.

I finally finished my book on herbs.
– Some might say it’s about thyme.

When the herb garden owner has to prepare some documents regarding the harvest, he prefers to use Microsoft Herb.

The basil was extremely disappointed when it couldn’t get into the school for herbs. I think what it really needs is encourage-mint.

I have been learning how to cook for almost a month now. I am not great, but I am getting pepper.

She handed me a jar and said, “This herb goes well with pork, beef, duck and chicken recipes, and fatty meats in particular.”
– I looked at the label and thought, “That is some sage advice.”

I’m so damn tired of these daily repetitive boring Herb jokes. Honestly..
– It’s Thyme to stop.

What do you call someone who gives away free herbs? A cilantropist.

While trimming leaves in the garden, I accidentally cut off a rose plant. Thankfully, my mother didn’t make a big dill about it.

There was a herb poetry competition at my sister’s school. She got the first prize
– because she had the perfect thyme scheme.

My wife was experimenting in the kitchen. She added some spices into the oil, and the whole thing spilled over. I did not see that cumin.

I told my wife, “I’m going to arrange the herbs in alphabetical order from now on.”
She said, “Where would you find the time?”

I said, “That should be easy. Next to the sage.”

A friend of mine just died from eating too many herbs
– It was his Thyme

I tried to make a belt out of Italian herbs, but it didn’t work
– It was just a waist of thyme

I was sending out so many greeting cards for Christmas. A few accidentally fell inside the spice storage. Now they’re seasoned greetings. If you want more Christmas humor, have a laugh with these funny Christmas quotes.

I can’t believe my best friend did not season my pizza with herbs. It is a basil thing one should know.

A new movie is being released next week. It is about a herb traveling to outer spice.

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