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Hockey puns 🏒🥅 in 2023

Hockey players absolutely hate Halloween for one main reason.
– They can never ever dress up for the festival as they cannot take their face-off for an instant!

Ice Hockey players usually carry an extra set of shoelaces whenever they go to play an important match. Those laces would come in handy whenever they would need to tie the score.

Who are the comedic trio that Detroit Red Wings fans love with all their hearts?
– The Monty Babcock’s Flying Circus.

After numerous icings in a hockey game, a player was sent to the penalty box.
– He needed time to thaw out.

There is a reason that so many people pray during an ice hockey game.
– This is because both the teams have shooting stars.

A field hockey player always visits a bank after every game. The sole reason being he wants to give out more and more checks!

Why are fans from San Jose Sharks drink from a saucer?
– Because the cup is always in Detroit!

What did the pasta chef ride to the Hockey game?
– A zam-roni.

Hockey ice rinks are made round so as to keep the ice safe. Had there been corners of ninety degrees, then the ice of the hockey ice rink would have definitely melted!

Why can’t great hockey players listen to music?
– They’ve broken so many records.

The shoe shop owner couldn’t find the right size of shoe for the hockey player because it was his square foot.

When the ice hockey player was awarded a penalty after continuous icings,
– he went to take the penalty but took time to thaw it out!

To improve our hockey skills for the upcoming tournament, our coach advised us to watch more and more slap-stick movies!

Why are there so many track marks on the eyes of the hockey rink?
– The maintenance authority we’re slipping up.

Let’s make like a hockey team
– And get the puck out of here

Our town decided to form a team consisting of only old men.
– So they named it Jerry Hat Tricks!

Why can’t carpenters play hockey?
– Because they get nailed to boards.

What do a fine wine and the New Jersey Devils have in common?
– Both spend a lot of time in the cellar and cost too much and are only enjoyed on selected occasions.

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