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Hockey puns 🏒🥅 in 2022

After conceding three goals in a row, the hockey goalie got very angry. He looked at the puck and said,
– “I’ll definitely catch you later”.

Cinderella was fired from the field hockey club. The hockey coach got extremely angry at her as she repeatedly fled away from the ball!

If potato chip companies launch air hockey, what would it be?
– It would be just air and less hockey.

Where do hockey coaches do their paperwork?
– Off ice!

The local newspaper that covered everyday news of our local hockey club was greeted with an effusive response. It was probably because they always write in favor of the box.

Michael Fass-bender wanted to give his hockey trials as a striker, but he was instantly rejected. The coach and the scout both rejected just by seeing his name!

When do hockey players dress in formal attire?
– When it is a tie game.

What did the skeleton drive to the Hockey game?
– A zam-bony.

Ice Hockey players can often be compared to a type of fish, especially the goldfish.
– You just need to tap on the glass to get their attention!

What would you call a dad and son duo invited for dinner at the hockey coach’s home?
– It was the father, the son, and the goalie host.

Why don’t hockey players participate in dressing for Halloween?
– Because they would have to take their face-off.

The hockey coach wanted to win the all-important game at any cost.
– So he asked everyone to do their work off-ice!

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