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Honey puns 🍯 in 2023

A bee wanted to spruce up honey.
– A bee decided he was over the typical honey he’d been eating so he went to a Mexican restaurant for some culinary advice. When he returned, he made up his new secret dish for his bee friends. Feeling nosy, the other bees asked, “tThis honey is delicious! What’s in this?!” The chef bee exclaimed, “It’s nacho beeswax!”.

What kind of bee makes milk instead of honey?
– A boobie!

Stop pollen my leg.

I walked into the kitchen to help my wife prepare dinner and exclaimed, “That’s a nice ham you’ve got there honey! It’d really be a shame if someone…”
“…put an ‘s’ at the front and an ‘e’ at the end!”

A wasp is nothing more than a wanna-bee.

I’m stuck on you, honey.

The American honey industry uses fascinating tech
It’s all powered by US bees.

When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies
Gives a new meaning to “busting a nut”

What did the bee say when he returned to the hive?
– Hi Honey, I’m home!

I can’t bee-lieve him.

I thought I dipped my tortilla chip into a bowl of cheese sauce, but it turned out to be honey mustard.
– It was a queso mistaken identity.

When do bees get married?
– When they’ve found their honey!

What do you call a bee that lives in America?
– A USB.

What do you call bees that make milk instead of honey?
… Boobies

“Honey, I’m three weeks late”

My son asked me, “Daddy, why do bees stay in the hive in the winter?” I smiled and answered…
– “Swarm.”

Bees love to listen to symp-honeys.

Honey, I think you did something backwards with the carnitas…
…this pork tastes like krop.

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