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Honey puns 🍯 in 2023

I went to the bee keepers to buy some bees. All the bees had price tags on them except one.
– It was a freebie.

Honeymoon – Bees spending some time together after their marriage.

My wife pulled me aside yesterday. We sat down and she told me she had some news. Honey, I’m pregnant were here exact words.
I responded with hi pregnant, i’m dad.

“No you’re not.”

What member of the bee family makes the best Honey?
– The Bee’s Niece

What did the businesswoman say?
– We’re in bees-ness now!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Honey! I finally got the car seat in the car! Where’s the kid?
– College!

What did Austin Powers say when he suddenly remembered where bees put their honey?
– “Oh! Bee hive!”

He had an epip-honey.

The bathroom fixtures delivery man is here, honey!
– Let that sink in

“Hey honey did you hear they came out with a male birth control cream?”
It’s being marketed as Son-block.

What does the professor bee say when a student asks a question about the course?

Honey cake – A baker bee’s delicacy.

Honey did Stephen King make you?

Cause you’re Shining.

A bee farmer found his bees working extra hard producing honey for him.
– He thought it was really sweet.

Had a dad joke at work the other day, wanted to share.
Where I work, we have a honeybee hive and sell the honey in our market.

A pair of beekeepers were in the other day to extract some combs and before they left, they asked us (my Hispanic coworkers and myself) if we wanted to see them.

Both of my coworkers exclaimed, “Si, si!” and I promptly chimed in, “No, they aren’t c’s – they’re bees!”

Audibly groans were had, I am ready for fatherhood.

Damn honey, you thick!

I had some delicious honey on my toast this morning.
– Later as I walked past the hive where it came from I said “Thank you bees for making the best honey in the world.” A few shouted back “It’s good but we wouldn’t say it was the best honey in the world.”

Oh I thought, they must be humble bees.

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