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Honey puns 🍯 in 2022

In France, when the honey bee revolution began they broke out a tiny little guillotine for the Queen…but she laughed in their faces.
No matter how much they tried, the guillotine wouldn’t work. When the chief executioner examined the situation it was clear why, she had already been “bee-headed”

Looking for a new pun tat
I already have a bee on my butt-cuz when I do the sizzle finger thing I say it stings beeing this hot

A pacifier on my middle finger- for the suckers

I am hoping to get a fly in a suit soon holding some jars of honey- cuz you can catch a fly with honey but you can catch more hunnys being fly

Any other ideas would be appreciated

Bee yourself!

My wife asked, “Honey, could you reach that dish on the top shelf? It’s too high for me.”
– It was a challenge, but I stepped up to the plate.

What kind of Bees produce milk instead of honey?
– Boobies

What kind of bees make milk instead of honey?
– Boobees.

I considered giving up my honey business and joining a cult
But I’m just not a bee leaver.

Edit: Thank you for the award, friend!!!!

How is honey like the Boy Scout motto?
– They’re both bee-prepared.

I went to the beekeeper and asked for 12 bees, he gave me 13…
– That’s a free-bee be said.

Bees are so honey, they crack me up.

Last night my wife says “Honey will you go get us some tortilla chips and cheese?”
– I looked deep into her eyes and said “I’m nacho delivery service. “

What do bees like with their sushi?
– Wasa-bee!

I’m not very good at making analogies
– It’s like bees trying to make honey

Awww… You’re so sweet!

A wife says to her husband: “Honey, I want to donate my clothes to people who are starving.”
The husband replys: “Debra whoever receives your clothes surely won’t be starving.”

(I apologise if this has already been posted, I just heard my dad say it to me today.)

How does a bee annoy its queen?
– By misbeehaving

Honey, you’re so sweet!

Her: Honey can you pick up some milk
Him:* lifts gallon * done

Her: no from the store

Him: I imagine it weighs the same there too

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