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Knee puns 🦵 in 2023

Had knee surgery today
While the nurse was getting me ready to go, she had to disconnect the wires and take off all tabs. She said there all wires removed. I said “thanks now I am wireless!”
The wife groaned

Why did Chuck Norris wear knee pads?
– He never liked Bruised Knee

Oh the iron knee

What do you call a knee that has never been seen before anywhere in the world?
– You call it u-knee-que!

What do you call a knee that is addicted to social media?
– You can call it a mille-knee-al!

My legs can’t be apart, they’re so kneedy!

Anytime someone hurts their knee try these:
Ask where it hurts and then say “oh so you hurt your High-knee” if it’s the top of the knee, or “oh you hurt your Below-knee” if it’s lower. My dumbest but favorite joke I’ve come up with.

What would you call a knee that cannot keep its cool before a knee replacement surgery?
– You get to call it pa-knee-c!

My daughter came to me crying, “Daddy, I hurt my knee!”. There was a lot of concern when I asked her whether Eenie, Meenie, and Mo were alright!

Why were the police trying to catch the knee surgery expert?
– This was because he had a lot of ammu-knee-tion!

Knee-dless to say, get well soon.

I was in the gym the other day, when I saw a man get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately she said no!
– Well that didn’t workout…

Q: What did the femur say to the patella?
A: I kneed you.

What should you call a knee that is extremely small in size?
– It should be called tiknee!

What’s a knee’s favorite dessert?
– A brown-ie!

I went for a run and dislocated my knee again. It’s like ground-jog day.

What should one be calling a knee that bees like to sit on?
– You call it a ho-knee!

I was supposed to have my knee operated on by two doctors. They told me that my knee surgery was supposed to be a joint operation!

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