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Knee puns 🦵 in 2022

During the horse races, we saw this horse who had magnificent limbs and knees. It was a hacknee horse!

Your swollen knee looks like a cartoon. No, not that knee, Disney.


Her knees…
Have faces.

What do you call when a knee surgery expert is acting all haywire?
– You can say that he has lost his sa-knee-ty!

What should we be calling a thirteen-year-old knee?
– You can get to call it tee-knee!

I was one of the nomin-knees for the competition. I picked up third prize at the ceremo-knee!

After going jogging so much my knees feel ancient, like they are going run-cid.

Why did the patient want the nurse to be with her while going to the operation theater for a knee replacement surgery?
– Because she wanted to be accompa-knee-d!

During the soccer game, my friend was tackled badly. Well, it looked like he was in a lot of ago-knee!

What did the knee father sweetly call the knee boy?
– “Son-knee, come here please!”

What do you call a guy with an ant on his knee?
– Anthony


Believe in something
Even if it means taking a knee.

There was a competition once to determine who had the best knee. It was cheekily given the name TourKnee!

Do you know when Chinese greet each other, they always ask about their knee?
– Knee how?

Why did the orthopedic doctor always put hats on the knees of his patients?
– This was because he wanted to make sure that their knee-caps were alright!

What was the doctor not too sure about the right knee replacement surgery?
– Because he was a cy-knee-c!

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