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Knee puns 🦵 in 2022

Knee-dless to say, get well soon.

I was in the gym the other day, when I saw a man get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately she said no!
– Well that didn’t workout…

Q: What did the femur say to the patella?
A: I kneed you.

What should you call a knee that is extremely small in size?
– It should be called tiknee!

What’s a knee’s favorite dessert?
– A brown-ie!

I went for a run and dislocated my knee again. It’s like ground-jog day.

What should one be calling a knee that bees like to sit on?
– You call it a ho-knee!

I was supposed to have my knee operated on by two doctors. They told me that my knee surgery was supposed to be a joint operation!

What did the Indian knee surgery expert love to have as dessert?
– He loves to have chut-knee!

What happens when your knee operation goes wrong?
– Iroknee?


Took an arrow to the knee
Kept adventuring

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