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Lime puns 🍋 in 2022

Time to bask in the lime-light.

Oranges come from the wild zest.

Today, I taught my son how to zest a lime…
He was really grate!

When a lemon falls in love it catches peelings.

The lemon didn’t do well at school because it couldn’t concentrate.

A cat that eats lemons is a sour puss.

Don’t worry about us, peel be fine.

All you seed is love.

I was hoping my friend would catch the lemon-lime soda i tossed her.
– But unfortunately Sierra Mist

You’re simply the zest!

Lemons always apply sun lotion because they peel all the time.

I got my paycheck with a lemon slice on it today. Turned out my ex-wife was garnishing my wages.

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