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Lobster puns 🦞 in 2023

The lobster cooked for his family and they said it was souper good.

The old crab couple were shellibrating life at the beach party with the younger ones.

The lobster from Spongebob Squarepants might be the funniest character of the show. He is hil-larry-ous.

I know someone who is really good at plumbing, but I lobster number.

The common type of temperament of lobsters is sandguine.

A lobster left home out of pier-pressure.

the lobster teacher praised the student’s speech as it was quite crabtivating.

Someone drove through Portland looking for lobster but couldn’t find any. It’s upsetting — lobster is supposed to be a Maine attraction.

In the midst of the conversation, the lobster was confused and said, “please be more pacific.”

Lobsters are picky when it comes to their eating habits. Most of them are sailective eaters.

Lobsters prefer their morning clawfee to be hot.

The lobster decided to throw a thanksgiving party but it turned out to be a turtle disaster.

The lobster was looking for a shellphone, he was recommended the brand Clamsung.

The crustacean playing tennis was a true lob-star.

The lobster told the salmon, it is because you have a cod father that you are successful.

A lobster was crying. Being asked, he said that his teacher called him a lost claws.

Even after being struck down several times, the lobster went with the float.

The lobster ordered a bookshelf from IKEA. The product was not quite right, but it still looked shelf-ish.

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