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Lobster puns 🦞 in 2022

A lobster returned from the office and kept his clothes in his claw-set.

The very motivated lobster advised his friends, “Seas the day.”

Generally, you would find many hipsters among lobsters. That’s because many do not belong to the main stream.

Lobsters don’t share because they are shellfish.

Why did the lobster have its meal early?
– The food was served on a first come first surfed basis.

The police asked the lobster to be more pacific while describing the crime.

A bachelor crab was thinking about marrying. The other crab asked if he was shore about the decision.

The school subject the lobster was failing was algae-bra.

He came to him with a lobster in one hand and a glass of beer on the other. He said, “Shell we dance?”

During the games in tennis, he had a top performance. The coaching team referred him to a lob-star.

The lobster became broke as he was shelling off money.

The stand-up lobster comic was trying to crab everyone’s attention.

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