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Lobster puns 🦞 in 2023

As a huge lobster was approaching, the little crab whispered “That’s a s-hell of a creature”.

The teacher asked if the students were undersanding the lessons.

A lobster answers the phone with, “Shello?”

The lobster said to the shrimp, “I know it may sound shellfish, but I want you to be in this company forever.”

Do not bother the lobster because he is very crabby all the time.

The doctor told the sick lobster to get some more vitamin-sea.

The lobsters started a music band and named it Buoys of summer.

A lobster was thinking about proposing, and his best friend asked if he was shore.

Out of pier pressure, the lobster started doing drugs.

The shellfless lobster donated everything to charity.

The fast-swimming lobsters were sailected for the race based on their performance.

The lost crustacean was taken to a lobster home.

The ocean said nothing to the lobster — it just waved.

Why did the lobster become broke?
– Because it was shelling out money.

You should never host a lobster race since all shell will break loose.

During Christmas, the lobster tide his gifts on the Christmas tree.

Lobsters love to celebrate holidays because ’tis the sea-son.

The lobster didn’t have a good day. It started feeling crabby from morning.

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