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Mango puns 🥭 in 2023

Have you ever seen the episode of VeggieTales directed by Tarantino?
– It’s called Mango Unchained.

If one mango is a singular term, then wouldn’t ‘two menwent’ be a plural term?

Get juiced to it.

It takes two to mango

My mother forgot the mango in her car and asked me to look for it. Later we realized she’d forgotten to buy the mango, and hence, it was a fruitless search.

How do you make a mango shake?
– You take it to a scary movie.

Yellow there!

The wife forgot a mango in the car.
– She went to get it, came back with a peach from an earlier shopping trip. She asked me to come with her to look for this mango. As we looked around her car she asked, “Did I buy a mango?” I replied, “so there’s a chance this search might prove fruitless?”

Before going on a date with a fruit, one must confirm if he avocado. If he doesn’t, you need to let that mango.

Man, go-ing away sure is sad.

What a re-leaf…

Ladies, if he can’t appreciate your fruit jokes…
…you need to let that mango

I accidentally mashed the pulps of mangoes in a bowl. As I served it to my family, they asked me the name of the dish. I just said it’s called Mea Pulpa.

I don’t like mangoes. I asked my boyfriend if he thinks they’ll grow on me one day.
– He said “I think they can. You just need to be watered properly.”

You’re juice so sweet!

My fruit puns are mango-nificent

My wife started a tropical diet There’s so much stuff in the house it’s enough to make a mango crazy.

Tropical fruits give people so much energy. You can definitely say they make a mango!

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