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Matcha puns 🍵 in 2022

Two matcha green teas were practically inseparable during college. Everyone knew that they were bes-teas.

Go green or go home

Loving my pe-tea-t matcha tea.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C.S. Lewis

I’ve met my matcha

I love you so matcha.

My blood type is matcha

The brewed tea is known for being a really fascinating storyteller, but his best friend has become pretty disenchanted with his tales by now. Now, whenever he tells a story, his friend just says “Cool story, brew.”

“You got me sippin’ on something I can’t compare to nothing.” — Selena Gomez, “The Heart Wants What it Wants”

We’re a matcha in heaven.

Instead of buying just one pair of green socks, the green tea bought ten whole pairs. It was a bit too matcha.

When the world has brought you down to your knees, matcha’ll be there for you.

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