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Matcha puns 🍵 in 2023

Enjoying this so matcha.”

So matcha better.

I’m feeling so matcha better today!

Matcha: Because anger management is too expensive

The matcha green tea just signed herself up for the annual tea pageant show. She knows she has to start sleeping early to get her beau-tea steep.

“Matcha over everything; matcha on my mind.” — Inspired by Drake’s “Headlines”

“First I drink the matcha, then I do the things.”

The matcha tea was imprisoned for looting a granola store. He spent a latte time behind bars.

I want to get matcha-wasted

I’m so matcha better when I’m with you.

A group of avid matcha bubble tea drinkers were hosting an extremely tough quiz competition for the general public. The masses were tea-ming with emotion and energy.

I’ve met my matcha

Two matcha green teas were practically inseparable during college. Everyone knew that they were bes-teas.

Go green or go home

Loving my pe-tea-t matcha tea.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C.S. Lewis

We’re a matcha in heaven.

I love you so matcha.

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