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Mint puns in 2023

Bad-mint-on – A mint’s favorite sport.

I’m rooting for you.

“Lean with it. Shamrock with it.”

She was really ada-mint.

You’re so sweet!

“Some things are simply mint to be.”

Keep it fresh!

This is a good caption to use if you’ve had one too many mojitos, and things are starting to feel a little bit tipsy.

“Hey Shamrock Shake, you must be from McDonald’s, because I’m lovin’ it.”

Oint-mint – Treatment for hurt mints.

Don’t be so root, learn some manners.

“We can all a-green that Shamrock Shakes are the best.”

I really needed the encourage-mint.

This is the perfect caption to use if you’re posting a photo of you and your bestie or you and your significant other with mojitos!

“Whatever is mint to be, will be.”

I herb it on the grape vine

“Shamrock shake your tail feathers.”

“Shamrock Shakes are available for a wee time only.”

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