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Nacho puns in 2023

When the chef’s favorite nacho died, he had no other option than to take it to a grave and burrito it.

How do Nachos Dance
– They do the Salsa

In queso emergencies, use this cheese.

I’ve bean thinking.

All-you-can-eat nachos?
– Now that’s a
Best Queso Scenario!

What happens when you start crunching nachos in your mouth?
– The nachos get chip-ped.

Corn’t we just get along?

I’m sailing the seven cheese.

I once knew a friend who had taken his date for the most authentic Mexican dinner on Valentine’s day. Guess it was nacho average valentine to have!

I once knew this Mexican chef who would make the best food out there. He was supremely confident about his nachos too. Guess they were his pa-nacho.

What kind of nacho is the one that focuses on doing cardio and endurance exercises at the gym?
– It is known as the stami-nacho!

Zom-beans love brains.

Cheese is the grate-est food to exist.

What’s a nacho’s favorite dance?
– The salsa.

What did the dad tell his son when he offered him some homemade nachos?
– He said, “Son, these are nacho best.”

He’s got a bad queso the flu.

It’s a little chilli today.

I went to this Mexican food take-away and ordered some nacho fries. The guy behind the counter immediately put up some nacho fries on the counter. I was surprised by the prompt service, but when I went to take it, he refused to give it to me and kept on saying, “Nacho fries! Nacho fries!”

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