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Noodle puns 🍜 in 2022

What did the man say to the sad German egg noodle?
– You’ll always be spaetzle to me!

They voted out the chef from the game because he was the im-pasta.

The spaghetti could not attend the field trip. Apparently, he did not have the parmesan to go for it.

Everyone please ramen calm.

I like to draw and noodle. (doodle)

My best friend and I bonded over cup noodle. We are now friends pho-ever and we love each other fusilli reasons.

As a kid my mother told me that I will be taken by ghosts if I eat pasta everyday. But I ain’t alfredo no ghost.

My computer was hungry so I fed it some RAMen.

I’m crazy pho noodles!

Soup (w’sup) dude!

What crime fighting duo hangs out at the noodle shop?
– Batman and Ramen

Things were getting heated up at the dinner table so to defuse the situation I asked my sister “Can you pasta sauce please?”

What do you call a fake noodle?
– An impasta

Penne for your thoughts.

Never soy never.

She has been fired from the pasta factory because she continuously made fusilli mistakes.

What do you call a fake noodle?
– An impasta!!!

I went to a store because I needed some. It was a hot day and the line was so long I pasta-out in the store.

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