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Noodle puns in 2024

I went to a store because I needed some. It was a hot day and the line was so long I pasta-out in the store.

You meet a man who has a phobia of noodles. What is he?
– Al-fraid-oh pasta

A 99 years old woman died while having pasta. She pasta away.

Ramen to that!

I ramen-bered the last time we had dinner together.

You came to my mind instantly.

My mother asked me if a person can eat noodles all day in reality. I told her I am Pho real.

The optimistic noodle said, “I Cannelloni laugh at my mistakes.”

Cannibals don’t go for ramen
– but rather for rawmen.

Don’t judge me because udon know me.

He said he loves miso much!

What do you call a noodle you pay for sex?
– A pastatute

I am really scared to make pasta because the pasta-bilities of me screwing up are endless!

As a teen my sister could finish upto five bowls of noodles in one sitting
– but she can only do three now. I think she is spaghetting older?

You just spaghet-me!

You make me soy happy.

The pho puns were so funny. It made me laugh so hard I’m ravioling on the floor.

There are plenty of good food choices in college but you can never top ramen.

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