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Nose puns 👃 in 2023

Why is your nose in the middle of your face ?
– Because it’s the scenter.

I accidentally sprayed some deodorant in my mouth today. Now whenever I’m talking, this weird axe-scent is coming out.

If your nose runs, and your feet smell
You were built upside down.

You’re welcome.

My friend has the ability to smell whenever any trouble is brewing. I call her scenter of a tension.

Who nose what
Today is

I bought a gold-scented candle and burned it. It had a very rich aroma.

I’m always confused when I hear people say they pick their nose
– I was born with mine

I told my brother if he ate in the car and I smelled something rotten later, he’ll have to give me $30 of his $150 monthly allowance. I got my 20 per-scent.

What type of poo smells good?
– Shampoo

You mean to tell me
She doesn’t really have my nose?

People always pick their noses, but I never did. I have always liked the one nose that I was born with.

The nose was very tired because it kept running.

What tastes better than it smells?
– A tongue!

My mom was seasoning the food. When I asked what spice she was using, she told me it was sage. I said “Smells wise”.

There was a gang who only took on people who had running noses. They were called the Aller G’s.

If I never learned to blow my nose…
My mother would have put the “stern” in sternutation.

Eye jokes are very cornea but nose jokes sure do stink.

Have you been drinking? I smell beer on your breath.
No, I’ve been eating frog legs. What you smell is the hops!

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