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Periodic table puns 🧪⚗️🧑‍🔬☣ in 2022

When you put your tooth in a glass of water, it becomes a molar solution.

If Seth Rogen starts a new Monday night TV show about scienc, it would be called Night-Rogen.

Proton couldn’t go with Electron to the library on Sunday because he had mass.

I earn a living by selling fur, I guess you could say I Sulfur.

If Iron Man and the Silver Surfer formed a team, they would become alloys.

“Tasty” part of your mouth – Tungsten – W

The boy wanted to play cowboy and so, he went to the horses and Rhodium.

The chemist was arrested for having Sodium chloride and a 12V in his car. The police booked him for a-salt and battery.

If you find any dead elements around, you need to Barium.

The chemist had so much fun writing periodic table jokes, he was in his element.

If a student is unable to learn about Oxygen, he is an oxy-moron.

The funny Chemistry teacher loves chemistry puns. He tells them periodically.

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