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Pink puns 🎀 in 2023

As a Pink Floyd fan, I’m so angry when I see a vegan eating pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?

We can’t decide whether to put in soft pink or baby blue flooring in the nursery
– It’s an infantile problem

A pig has an eye irritation. It could be pink eye, but it’s very hard to tell.

Why has it been so difficult for me to think of a Pink Floyd pun?
– I don’t know, maybe you’ve just hit a wall.

What kind of wheat does the Pink Panther prefer?
– Durum durum durum durum durum durum durum duruuummmm

I broke my little finger today. Good thing I haven’t make any pinky promises recently.

The pink plastic birds, popular as lawn ornaments in Florida…..
– are they called, “Placebo Flamingos”?

I almost got pink eye, it’s a good thing that I’m colorblind.

We can’t decide whether to put in soft pink or baby blue flooring in the nursery. You see, we’re having an infan-tile problem.

I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd for an hour.
– I think I’ll skip to track 2 now.

My dad always wears a pink shirt every time he goes jogging. It’s a bit of a running joke in the family.

I want to create a Pink Floyd album cover out of cereal.
– I think I’ll call it the dark side of the spoon.

The American education system obviously listens to Pink Floyd because they’ve sure left those kids a loan.

So this guy goes hunting with his friend and his friend asks why he is wearing pink camo
– He answered, well i went to the camo store and this was the only thing that stood out.

Here is Pink Panther’s to do list: To Do, To Do, To Do To Do To Do To Do, To Doooooooo!

How do use pink, green, and yellow in a sentence?
– The phone went ‘green! green!’, so I pinked it up and said, “Yellow?”

Do you think pink could be a cat’s favorite color?
– No, it’s purr-ple.

If everyone in the country had a pink Cadillac
– We’d have a pink car-nation!

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