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Pool puns 🏊 in 2022

Looking forward to an extra free weekend this Labor Day #idaho

When they asked the swimmer about how he went back in time, he said he was just doing backstroke.

My brother got hit by a wave frequency. He said, “ouch, it hertz!”.

I was asked, “Do you like swimming in the pool or in the lake?” I said, “It deep-ends on my mood.”

What’s your ideal beach read? Curl up by the pool with our refreshing summer cocktails—our mixed bag is brimming with new nonalcoholic options.

What’s your #PoolPun?

But first, let me jump into my pool.

Cool off with the latest styles from our Swim Shop. In stores now.

People who don’t like swimming puns have a very dry sense of humor.

They had a great time at the vacation resort. It was a journey to infinity pool and beyond.

If you always wish on stars, maybe you should get in the water

Two of my favorite people, three best friends.

Cool off with these punny pool party captions.

There’s something about a crisp poolside yellow or floral short sleeve that feels like a glass of lemonade on the first day of fall. Enjoy the best of both seasons in one suit.

It must be pool season…

The vegetarian never became a competitive swimmer
– because he didn’t like the idea of swim meats.

I never felt so low in my life than when I went scuba diving.

The club board could not decide how many times they should clean so they went to the members pool.

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