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Pool puns 🏊 in 2023

Looking forward to an extra free weekend this Labor Day #idaho

The judges were swimpressed with my backstroke ability.

A diving trip with some new friends made me realize how shallow my life was.

While her friends studied hard, the athlete spent most of her time in the pool. She was more familiar with Poolean Algebra.

When you’re on your A-game, life looks a lot like a triple salchow. You’re sure to take home some hardware for this one.

Gastropub about pool

Perfect day for my favorite paddling pool @ TheChaletHotel

When I was a kid, my dad told me I’d never get into MIT. It turns out he was just jealous of how much time I spent in the deep end. -ME #lifeguard #captions #funny #poolp

The best insect swimmer is the butterfly, obviously!

Swimmer on board.

I like being grateful and seeing the glass half pool.

Let’s be honest, spending an afternoon by the pool is total . That time you convince yourself that mermaid life is better than real life. #poolpuns

Dive into summer with refreshing pool floats from Target

Have a splashtacular summer weekend #

It’s hot out there today. Let’s cool off in the pool and post some summertime selfies

Did you know that an elephant can swim 20 miles a day?
– No wonder they always carry their trunks with them.

The committee wanted to get the pool cleaned more often. They asked their head, “water you feeling about this?”

Keep your summer glow going… and this is not some kind of joke.

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