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Pool puns 🏊 in 2023

Looking forward to an extra free weekend this Labor Day #idaho

Swimmers only use Tide laundry pods.

They renovated the swimming pool and made it double the size it was. It truly looked swim-pressive.

The pool is great company because it just likes to go with the flow.

There is a reason why October is my favorite month. The crisp leaves, cool weather, the vibrant colors This pool party is on [email protected]#brdrcapnats

Have a splashtastic summer full of fun in the sun – sunflowers and all.

I am floating on over to you with sweeter savings today!

So, you want to take a dip?

This pool is impressive. Or should I say swim-pressive?

While the others were seriously learning how to swim, the naught-y boys were pooling around

Where’s the best place to catch some rays? In a pool, duh.

Are you a strong enough swimmer to make it through our Top 40 Hits playlist? (: @maryannmagnoli)

We’re feeling all water off to celebrate the only thing that makes air conditioning bearable: Ice-cold beverages. #TakeTheFloatWay #HereWeGo

Turning summer into a poolside party, Freezeria and the Ice Cream Truck are rolling into town.

Is Summer unapologetic, overstaying its welcome? That makes us wanna dive in deeper.

Sharing these swimming puns at a summer pool party is the perfect way to have pun in the sun.

I had to give up scuba diving as a hobby after I hit rock bottom.

The children spend most of their holidays in the pool. They get waterver they want.

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