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Pool puns in 2024

Looking forward to an extra free weekend this Labor Day #idaho

My swim instructor told me to do pool-ups regularly.

i had to quit my job as a scuba diving instructor because I failed to perform under pressure.

The indoor pool just waved to the other pool.

Other sites like Instagram captions for selfies also feature captions for outdoor adventures like hiking and skydiving. They have more features for cool places to share your photos.

Pools at #STARBUCKS are so refreshing and refresh the soul


We put our pool floats to the ultimate test to see if they float or sink.

Gardeners are good swimmers because they have great seed times.

A swim each day keeps the odor away!

The kids used their new camera when they were by the pool. They caught some great Poolaroids.

A #PoolDay with friends is always filled with fun in the sun. _______

Water cooler moments don’t have to happen in the office. Take this one off-site and overflow. #poolside #moment #fun


My pool noodle’s name is Fred. Everyone in my family thinks I should get rid of him. My reply: NO # let the good times roll

This summer is going swimmingly.

The lifeguard works day and night to make sure everyone is safe. Summer always looking out for the others.

More stimulating than a tidal wave of cool water #POOLPUNS

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