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Pool puns 🏊 in 2022

Elephants are always ready to swim since they always have their trunks on.

My brother’s dog’s name is sub-woofer. He’s a diving dog, in case you couldn’t tell.

They fought over a ball while playing a game in the pool. It got so serious that we had to call the poolice.

Enjoying the calm before the storm ??? #poolparty

Got the summertime blues? Soak it all up with our most refreshing drink, the Mango Black Tea Lemonade. #briskmango

Swim through the week with #poolpuns

If you can swim in a pool, you can overcome any challenge. – Michael Phelps

You jump for joy, and that’s why we’re so happy to see you here

I went swimming in the ocean, but when I left, the ocean did not say goodbye. It just waved.

The musician who couldn’t swim just rode the sound waves instead.

There was a great bachelorette party being organized by the pool. The girls just wanted to have some sun.

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