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Popcorn puns 🍿 in 2023

We all know that Kernel Sanders was the man behind the invention of popcorn chicken.

Don’t ever swallow an entire corn cob. You will get corn-stipated.

Did you hear about the popcorn that got kicked out of the military It used to be a kernel

When the popcorn found his long lost friend, he promised to pop over to his place.

I maize well eat corn that has fallen out of a stalk. Waste not, want not.

It is really hard to hide from popcorn! They are always watching you out of the corner of their eyes.

You can pop in anytime.

To make popcorn chicken in KFC, they use chicken Kernels.

Oh, I just thought of a popcorn pun! But I won’t say it; it’s just a bit too corny.

Corn kernels can be really scary to play hide and seek with. Sometimes they just pop up.

Don’t bring corn on a plane. Its ears will pop.

I absolutely hate normal popcorn. I should try some butter ones.

A single corn kernel should actually be called a uni-corn.

It’s easy to invite popcorn over for a drink or a hang out. Just message them saying “Do you want to pop over?”

Prosecutors pressed charges against the popcorn maker today assault and buttery

They were corn-ducting a field day for the corn students in school today.

I am so happy I won the popcorn eating corn-test.

Have you heard about the new fake cinema snacks doing the rounds? They’re called Corn-on-the-con.

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