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Popcorn puns 🍿 in 2023

The corn-man was a criminal so I called the cobs on him.

You love corny jokes too? We’ll get along just fine, then.

It can be really awkward to touch hands with someone else while eating popcorn at the cinema. Especially if they don’t know you’re eating their popcorn.

After eating a bag of popcorn, I got free Butterfingers.

A commander of a corn army is called a Kernel.

A corn stalk that changes careers is usually one who goes to a different field.

My wife and I are having movie nights at home now, and making our own popcorn and drinks. It’s not easy, but these days we all have to make concessions.

I corn-tinue to eat more popcorn than I need.

The corn did not want to corn-tinue working in his job because there was a breach of corn-tract.

The land of popcorn should be called a corn-try instead.

When you are out harvesting sweetcorn to make popcorn, watch out for the field. It can turn into a maize.

What’s poppin’?

Popcorn is the corn-erstone of any movie night.

A baby corn calls his dad pop corn.

I was thrown out of the cinema recently for throwing popcorn at the customers. I also lost my job on the popcorn counter.

The popcorn was called the police after being a-salted.

I love butter popcorn because of the butter flavouring.

Some popcorn gets bullied and picked on a lot. They spend a lot of their time feeling a-salted.

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