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Popcorn puns 🍿 in 2022

Corn kernels can be really scary to play hide and seek with. Sometimes they just pop up.

Don’t bring corn on a plane. Its ears will pop.

To make popcorn chicken in KFC, they use chicken Kernels.

Oh, I just thought of a popcorn pun! But I won’t say it; it’s just a bit too corny.

Prosecutors pressed charges against the popcorn maker today assault and buttery

I absolutely hate normal popcorn. I should try some butter ones.

A single corn kernel should actually be called a uni-corn.

It’s easy to invite popcorn over for a drink or a hang out. Just message them saying “Do you want to pop over?”

Have you heard about the new fake cinema snacks doing the rounds? They’re called Corn-on-the-con.

Thanks for the pop-portunity.

They were corn-ducting a field day for the corn students in school today.

I am so happy I won the popcorn eating corn-test.

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