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Pretzel puns 🥨 in 2023

Tying the knot.

I Like Pretzel Day Sayings

I’ve got a pretzel-lion questions to ask you.

Nice to wheat you!

Detective movies often feature pretzels in them.
– They both have a lot of twists.

Are you bready for it?

What did the bag of flour say to the loaf of bread?
– “I saw you yeasterday”

I a-dough you.

The crust-omer is always right.

Take it with a pinch of salt.

It’s not available yet. However, it’s on pretzel.

Graindrops keep falling on my head.

Why aren’t pretzels counted as bread?
– Because they’re knot-bread.

Why was the pretzel taken to the hospital?
– He was as-salted.

You bake me happy!

You inter-pretzel my answer wrongly.

Everybody kneads somebody.

Most pretzels are dough knots

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