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Pretzel puns 🥨 in 2023

Get bready.

I’m knot kidding.

Ferrets are the most a-dough-rable creatures.

Christians believe in Jesus Crust.

The pretzel was as-salted last night.

Small pretzels are a-dough-rable.

It’s such a grainy day.

Two pretzels are walking down the street
– When one is suddenly assaulted

I’m knot kidding!

Bake love not war.

Don’t be such a brat-zel.

I knead you.

2 pretzels were walking down the street thru a dark alley.
– One was a salted.

Bread Pitt.

Tied the knot.

You’re a-dough-rable!

That is the crust of the problem.

You’re a real snack.

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