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Pretzel puns in 2024

They see me rollin’,they hatin’…

I never could figure out how they make the glaze on pretzels.
– Turns out, there’s a very basic solution for that problem.

How could you knot like pretzel puns?

Life is what you bake it!

I’d rather knot…

It seems as dough you don’t believe me.

Joe’s bakery was renovated to give it a more upper crust look!

Don’t want none unless you got buns hun…

Don’t get it twisted.

Hunger Grains.

What did the pretzel say when it was pulled out of the oven?
– Gluten-tag!

Warm and toasty!

You’re knot what I expected.

Just crust me.

Everybody do the twist!

Bake the world a better place!

Crumb here.

Taekwon-dough – Pretzel martial arts.

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