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Rainbow puns 🌈 in 2023

I want a kiss for each one of these you eat.

Many people seem to believe that warm water droplets get cooled fast and form fog. It’s a mist-conception. Someone should de-mist-ify it

When you get a rainbow after the rain at least you are moving in the bright direction.

A rainbow can’t orange its life around just one color.

For someone who has many colorful opinions.

I actually made it to the end of the rainbow and there was nothing there, the pots were all gold out!

How do you know when a rainbow isn’t in a good mood?
– It will be filled with red.

How many colors are in the rainbow?
– I haven’t got a blue.

Just like Skittles, you can be hard on the outside… but always sweet on the inside.

Did you hear about the B I V G R O Y rainbow?
– The poor thing has a deviated spectrum.

What did the cloud say to the rainbow?
– Thank you for adding color to my day.

Rainbow’s favorite books to read are ones that they can really pink their teeth into.

• If you’re blue, select another color in the rainbow

How often do you get a rainbow at night?
– Every once in a hue moon.

Rainbows are one in a vermillion.

Rainbows are always coming up with oranginal puns and jokes.

Taste the friendship!

I sang the rainbow song to a cop yesterday.
– They arrested me for colorful language.

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