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Rainbow puns 🌈 in 2023

I want a kiss for each one of these you eat.

A magician wearing a rainbow colored coat is called Hue-dini

A friend like you is worth more to me than a pot of gold.

Green has got the back of all the colors of the rainbow, it’ll always come to their jade.

• Don’t miss the colors of the rainbow looking for your pot of gold

Why didn’t I manage to reach the end of the rainbow?
– Because I had bitten off more than I could hue.

In order to form a rainbow just needs to red its wings and fly.

Once you get to the purple hue, it’s a mauve in the right direction.

Thanks for brightening my horizons.

What do you call the least popular color in the rainbow?
– The weakest pink.

What do you do when you’re somewhere over the rainbow?
– Weigh a pie

What is a rainbow’s most used thing in its stationary cupboard?
– The naples of course.

I’d beg, borrow or teal my way to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

How much do you love rainbows?
– Just a skittle bit.

What happened to the rainbow after he robbed a bank?
– He went to prism for light(f)

This rainbow has green better days.

They say you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. Thanks for being there for me when it rains.

Where do you go to weigh a pie?
– Somewhere over the rainbow.

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