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Ramen puns 🍜 in 2023

He’s a very souperstitious person.

My father has his own business and thus he is actually a RAMEN

Do you know that he is actually working on the position of COAST GUARAMEN

That king isn’t really royalty. He’s an uslurper.

Ramen: a gourmet dish enjoyed by people oppressed by debt

I’m soy into you.

NOODLING is actually a beautiful art

Our ramen is a complete meal in itself.

If COVID 19 doesn’t kill me, the massive amount of ramen I’m eating will.

I ramen-bered the last time we had dinner together.

You came to my mind instantly.

He actually wants to be the very Air CRAMEN in that very air lines

We have the longest ramen noodles in the world.

Follow your heart. It will lead you to ramen.

He said he loves miso much!

Any RAMEN can actually not understand this very tough language of yours

He is actually the very DOGGE – RAMEN for this very dogger

The difference between a woman and a bowl of ramen? A ramen is ready in 5 minutes.

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