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Ramen puns 🍜 in 2022

I love stories about the ancient Ramen empire.

Anything is possi-bowl.

Do you actually know that who is playing the very role of the BEGGA – RAMEN

Festive ramen available here.

This awesome body you’re looking at now is the body of a ramen lover.

I love broth my parents very much.

The constitution can actually not be understood by any RAMEN as it is so very difficult in its language

You’re welcome to slurp our noodles.

I love ramen, pudding, oatmeal, cookies—as long as they’re instant.

Dying! Please send some ramen.

It’s been a while since he was soba.

I actually aspire to be a MILITA – MEN

Cold weather? Warm up with our ramen.

There may be amazing food choices in college. But nothing can top ramen.

I will be there in a few ra-minutes.

RAMEN are you there

Have you actually ever heard about that very epic called RAMEN – YANA

Glorious, glorious ramen.

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