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Ramen puns 🍜 in 2023

You make me soy happy.

That very FISHERAMEN actually caught so many of the different types of fishes

Fortified, nutritious ramen here.

The favorite instant noodles for computers? RAMen.

In Jesus’ name, r-amen.

You are my cup of noodles.

Do you actually know that who is the BOILE – RAMEN

Our ramen’s awesome taste sticks. Try it!

Fewer people, more ramen.

Hey broth-er!

I had actually watched all the very series of RAMEN

You will actually always find the very SLAUGHTE – RAMEN inside the very slaughter house.

Alphabet soup uses Times new ramen as a standard font.

I’m here to NOT share my cup of ramen.

Udon know how much you mean to me.

His father is actually the MILITARAMEN

Nothing can beat our ramen’s taste.

Asia’s favorite sitcom: Everybody Loves Ramen

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