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Ramen puns in 2024

I think I’m in hot soup.

In the superheroes I actually just love RAMEN

Do you actually know that the DURAMEN is nothing but the very heart wood of the tree

If you want a one-night stand, get ramen. It’s easy, fast, and cheap.

I’m not listening. Did you say ramen?

Soy, you think you are funny?

I just NOODLE in my very free time

Overload your taste buds with our ramen noodles.

A ramen warehouse burned down. Total damage cost was $75.

We ramen to be together.

Be a good noodle, okay?

He is actually supposed to be the very CENTE – RAMEN

We serve ramen, sushi, and other Japanese dishes.

My first love is ramen. Then my girl/guy.

Is it souper time yet?

I had actually watched all the very movies of I – RAMEN

He is actually working as the very COAST GUARAMEN

What’s a younger version of ramen? Raboys.

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