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Ramen puns in 2024

What did you just soy?

The very details of this very project were actually RAMENDED

Get our ramen, get extra broth.

A monk ordered ramen and said, “Make me one with everything.”

Peace will only come when there’s enough ramen in the world.

A hopeless ramen-tic.

He’s usually noodling around.

Do you actually know that RAMEN is the very enzyme produced in our very kidneys

Try our unique thick ramen chowder.

Be a hopeless ramentic.

He’s my Souperman.

RAM actually stands for RAMEN Access Memory

His profession is actually fishing and thus he is the very FISHE – RAMEN

Hail to the Ramen Empire!

Noodles forever!

Soy what you want, tofu puns are the best.

RAMENDMENT of the Constitution should actually be done by the very government

Miso, shoyu, shio, tonkotsu—we have them all

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