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Salad puns in 2024

We were eating caesar salad, then i stabbed it.
– ‘Now its a real ‘Caesar’ salad’

I told the cowboy to eat salad with his fingers. He said he needed a ranch hand.

Did you see that post about Caesar’s salad?
– It’s a real cut up…

My DJ friend took my advice and changed his salad recipe. He dropped the beet.

I hope you find peas.

What’s a carrot’s favorite drink?
– Root beer.

Brutus: Dude how many Caesar’s salads did you eat?
Julius: Ate 2 Brute

I’m carrying a lot of emotional cabbage.

Some of my salad garnish was singing jailhouse rock yesterday. Think it was Elvis Parsley.

Why was the artichoke feeling sad?
– It had a broken heart.

What did the man do with his days-old salad?
– He tossed it.

I always knock on the fridge door before opening in case there is a salad dressing.

Scientists are saying salads will be a thing of the past. Lettuce romaine calm.

Why did the tomato blush?
– Because it saw the salad dressing.

Did you hear about the piece of corn that got in trouble?
– It got quite the earful.

I ordered a Caesar salad from the restaurant for lunch today.
– They absolutely killed it.

The salad won an award for going beyond the kale of duty.

What did the salad say to the kidnapper?
– Lettuce go

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