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Salad puns 🥗 in 2023

We were eating caesar salad, then i stabbed it.
– ‘Now its a real ‘Caesar’ salad’

Excuse me waiter, I have a question about the house salad. Does it come with window dressing?

What do you call leftover salad?
– The romaine-der

Be careful with that shopping bag! There’s a leak in it.

What did the ear of corn say when its crush complimented it?
– “Aww, shucks!”

I had a salad joke but I tossed it.

Wanted to buy salad but the store wouldn’t lettuce.

What happened when the chicken sees a salad.
Chicken Cesar salad.

Leaf me alone!

I do not carrot all.

What do you call a chicken looking at a salad?
– A chicken caesar salad.

A lot of people like French dressing, but my favorite salad dressing is Irish
– Balsa McVinegar

Between you and me, this salad is delicious.

What do beavers like to put on their salads? Branch dressing. If you like this pun, you’ll also like these beaver puns.

Why did the head of lettuce get all dressed up?
– It was going on a romaine-tic date.

To those worried about eating salad after the recent e coli outbreaks, I have three words for you.
– Lettuce romaine calm

When the teacher lectured about leafy greens, it was a chard lesson.

What did one sweet potato say to the other?
– Wow! I am impressed!

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