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Shrimp puns 🍤 in 2023

You want the names of the tiny shrimp secret agents?
– Sure, I could tell you…but then I’d have to krill you.

What do you call a shrimp that keeps getting hurt?
– Accident prawn

I got it from the prawn shop.

We got the prawns medal.

My friend, a shimp called Bart, is always getting injured. I guess he’s just prawn to accidents.

The mother shrimp was worried that her presents wouldn’t be shrimperfect for her children.

You’ll be prawn to hunger if you don’t eat now.

I really like shrimp-fried rice.
– It’s amazing how they can hold that big skillet in their tiny little claws.

I’ll never be friends with a crawfish or a shrimp
They’re just two shellfish

You’re shrimp-ortant to me.

A funny shrimp’s favorite movie is Codzilla.

You can’t be shrimpartial when dividing your seafood.

The greedy shrimp was a little shellfish.

Wear your prawn-cho. It’s raining.

An alien came down to Earth the other day, stepped out of his spaceship and said, “G’day cobber! Let’s start a barby and throw some shrimp on! Strewth!”…..
….he was an Austr-alien

How many shrimp does it take to make a famous actress?
– Cameron Diez.

I started a shrimp-orting business.

If you want good secondhand shellfish, you should go to the prawn broker.

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