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Ski puns ⛷️ in 2022

I did want to go out and see what the snow was like after the fall last night but I was so hungry. I just wanted to avalanche first.

Out on the slopes in the morning, it’s frost come, frost served.

Getting my ski on.

Skis are not just pieces of fiberglass. They’re a way to escape.

If you want adventure, do it on a Jet Ski

The skiing holiday started well but after I lost my glove at the top of one of the slopes, it was downhill from there.

Why do I feel so good when my life and all my friends are going downhill?

Ski well or eat wood.

People weren’t made to fly. That’s why we made skis.

Life is like a ski course. When an obstacle is in your way, punch it and keep going.

The chairlift is the frost port of call in the morning.

Ice-bergers and chilly sauce for lunch after a day out skiing.

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