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Soup puns 🍵 in 2023

Why don’t these children eat their soup?
– Because all of them is stew-pid.

I am really broth-taking when I see the signer vomiting soup.

My soup was musical. It was piping hot.

I feel souper duper.

Bisque in the limelight.

When I refused to have the soup, my sister said, “People who do not have soup are stew-pid”.

The chef taught me how to cook brilliant soups. He soup-ervised me very well.

Fake ramen noodles are also called the impasta.

The best way to make gold soup is to add 22 carrots.

My mom said “Adding herbs to your soup will make it taste more delicious”. It was a sage advice given by my mum.

Koalas are a type of marsoupial.

Cannibals prefer cooked men to ramen.

Do you know why do the hipsters burn their tongue? It is because they eat their soup before it gets cool.

My mom is really soup-rised at the outcome when she puts yeast in the broth.

Is beef soup good for our health? Not if you are the cow.

When soup feels strained and stressed, where would it go?
– A broth-el!

I love broth my parents very much.

I’ve decided to invest all my money in soup stocks. I want to be a bouillonaire.

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