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Soup puns 🍵 in 2022

If mom leaves her alphabet soup on the stove and forgets about it, it would spell disaster.

Mom, what do we have for dinner? I cannot tell you, son, it is a soup-rise! Is it soup?
– I soup-pose it would be.

A chicken inside a hot tub is called soup.

Soup (w’sup) dude!

Dashi goes again.

My dad believes you should always have soup before your main meal. He is very soup-erstitious.

I called the local restaurant and told them “I want a table for pho”.

If fish is a type of brain food, then dumb people probably love eating noodle soup.

Do you know why do the hipsters burn their tongue? It is because they eat their soup before it gets cool.

The soup that she cooks is so thick that the kitchen would go around when she stirs it.

He’s a very souperstitious person.

When she spotted fake ramen in her soup, she said, “ This soup has impasta in it.”

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