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Star puns ⭐⭐ in 2023

My brother got a Star Wars character tattoo; you should’ve seen the Luke on his face.

What songs do stars, and planets sing for birthday and Christmas?
– Nep-tunes!

Why does Kylo Ren’s lightsaber have so much crackle?
– Snap and Pop were busy.

Why didn’t the Dog Star laugh at the joke?
– It was too Sirius.

Pi-rated movies are rated 3.1416 stars.

The Joker likes to sleep under the starlight of the open sky because he is afraid of the Dark Knight.

How dare you clap on his face?
– You are dead now. He is a shooting star!

Heart of Darthness

While scrolling through the famous actor’s list, I realized how every picture tells a starry.

My English teacher, after he watched Star Wars, said, “Metaphors be with you.”

The star told the sun, I think you have what it takes to be a star, your temperature is reading 6000 Kelvin.

What did Rey say when she met Leia?
– “Chewie wants a hug, too.”

The Sith Sense

A lamb is the brightest star amongst all the animals.

Why did the star have a crush on the sun?
– It was the center of his universe.

What do bats and stars have in common,
– they all come out at night and stay up late.

Game of Clones

A Plagueis on both your houses!

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