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Steak puns 🥩 in 2022

Becoming a vegetarian is a big missed steak.
That is all …

A steak pun is a rare medium well done

A country where only cows rule is called the United Steaks.

My friend punched a steak before I got to.
– He beat meat to it.

Finally, Han Solo thought about his steak and found it was somewhat chewie.

At the office barbecue, I grilled some rare steak for our boss, and he said, “I like it well done.”
I said, “Thanks. That means a lot.”

A bear in a forest moaned, “I can’t finish my steak; it’s too grizzly.”

How does Darth Vader like his steaks?
Well, done done done, done da done, done da done

A policy sold steaks in packs of 2,3,5,7,11 and 13; just like the prime cut!

A steak restaurant had kept an attractive billboard: We not only meat expectations, we exceed them.

Steak Puns…
are a rare medium well done

The poor comedian wanted to make a joke on steak but he was afraid that he would butcher it.

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