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Thank you puns in 2023

Not sure if I should send a thank-you email, or not bother you with another email.

You make me want to say thank you in other languages, and I can barely speak English.

Gift your favorite soda and attach a card saying, “We are soda-lighted that you are our teacher.”

Thank you beer-y much!

Just a generic thank-you card to prove I have excellent manners.

Thanks for pretending to be my lesbian lover when gross guys try to chat us up on a night out.

I truly appreciate you from from my head to my toes.

Thank you for always being older than me.

Give your teacher a new pair of spectacles and say, “You are a spec-tacular teacher.”

I’m not getting you a holiday present because I know you don’t like writing thank-you notes.

If I had a cent for every time I appreciate you, I’d be a millionaire.

I have nothing funny to say, but thank you.

This isn’t a thank-you card, it’s a hug with a fold in it.

You’re the kind of friend I text when I’m pooping.

Gift your science teacher a book all about space and write, “You are really out of this world.”

Thanks a bunches of oats!

Happy birthday! Thank you for continuing the tradition of being older than me.

Thanks for putting up with my shit.

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