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Tiger puns 🐯 in 2023

Cap’n Crunch and Tony the Tiger are getting married next month.
– Don’t laugh, this is cereal.

Roarsome, dude!!!

Cat-puccino – How tiger’s wake up.

Tony the Tiger is dead… Murdered!
It was a cereal killer.

A priest is the best catch for a tiger as they like to prey.

Go fur it!

I have the eye of a tiger, the heart of a lion
And a lifetime ban from the zoo

Safety of tigers is in our hands.

Tiger Woods in a massive car crash.
Should have used the driver.

It’s claw-bering time.

What do you call a tiger that’s just come from the hair stylist?
– Sheared Khan

Tigers are the real heroes.

A fight between tiger and lion broke out. Both of them wanted to become the next empe-roar of the jungle.

In the animal kingdom, the tiger was the empe-roar of the jungle.

Cat-astrophe – When a tiger finds its way into your house.

My wife and I started fighting each other whilst wearing boxing gloves and ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing in the background…
We are going through a Rocky patch!

Just heard the latest on Tiger’s condition.
He’s not out of the Woods yet!

Tigers love walks in the fur-rest.

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