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Tiger puns in 2024

Why are tigers striped?
Because they don’t want to be spotted.

Fureign – An army of tigers.

Grrrr-eetings friend.

Tigers also deserve to be loved.

The tiger came went to the salon. Now, other animals of the jungle call him ‘Shaved Khan.’

Santa Claws – The somebody who rips the wrapping off your presents before you.

My wife is trying to make a Tiger King cake for a friend.
I told her it looks all methed up.

Earth is also the home of the tigers.

Cap’n Crunch and Tony the Tiger are getting married next month.
– Don’t laugh, this is cereal.

Roarsome, dude!!!

Cat-puccino – How tiger’s wake up.

Tony the Tiger is dead… Murdered!
It was a cereal killer.

A priest is the best catch for a tiger as they like to prey.

Go fur it!

I have the eye of a tiger, the heart of a lion
And a lifetime ban from the zoo

Safety of tigers is in our hands.

Tiger Woods in a massive car crash.
Should have used the driver.

It’s claw-bering time.

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