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Tiger puns 🐯 in 2023

What was the tigers favourite band?
– Survivor

When a tiger greets the sheep, he says “Pleased to eat you!”

Cat-terpillar – A fuzzy caterpillar that meows and purrs.

There is nothing brave about hunting a tiger.

Tigers are like army soldiers. They both grow up to earn some stripes.

Go fur it!

What do you cold and hungry tiger?
A brr-grr.
Edit: “What do you CALL…”
Sorry, I suck.

We need to have their numbers rising.

Tie-ger – A snazzy, formally dressed cat.

You’re so cub-tivating.

How did Tiger King become so popular during this pandemic?
Netflix is great with viral marketing.

Tigers are in need of our help.

The good pony apologized to the tiger at the zoo for his sore throat, he said: “I am sorry, I am a little horse.”

“It was nice to meat you!” said Terry Tiger.

Cat-chup – Kitty’s favourite red condiment.

Q: Why don’t tigers like fast food?
A: Because they can’t catch it!

Did you hear about the tiger woods crash?
– He’ll never drive again.

Philosofur – A tiger that thinks a lot.

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