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Tiger puns 🐯 in 2023

Our kids tee ball team, the Tigers, won the championship. All the parents were very proud and put in for a little statuette of the front of a tiger to give them to celebrate. When it came in, for some reason it was the back half of a tiger.
– Needless to say, it was a cat ass trophy.

I got the eye of the tiger.

Tigers are just my stripe of animal.

What do you get when your cross a bear and a tiger?
– A bear and a tiger seeking revenge.

7. Someone spotted Tigger running near the toilet as he was searching for the Pooh.

The tiger was lost in a fureign country.

Grrrr-eat job!

Tigers are just big cats.

I thought Tiger Woods was supposed to be good at driving…
– Ba dum tish.

Chewsday – A tiger’s favorite day of the week.

I once had the king of the jungle tell me he was actually a tiger.
He was lion.

Save tigers to save Earth.

A zoo owner introduced his tiger to the visitors by saying “this is the most paw-some tiger at the zoo”.

Tigers are probably the most roarsome animal ever created!

I’ve got the cat-titude…

I have the eye of a tiger and the heart of a lion
And a lifetime ban from the zoo

Why are tigers striped?
Because they don’t want to be spotted.

Fureign – An army of tigers.

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