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Waffle puns 🧇 in 2022

My son made waffles for breakfast today. They weren’t that w-awful.

Make Mornings Matter

Steal my heart, not my waffle maker.

Our Waffles are Batter than Yours.

The best way to make a waffle smile is to butter it up.

Why are waffles so filling?
Because they’re wa-fulls not waff-empties.

When my mother makes the waffles, the batter tries to run away. I think it is because she cracks the eggs and beats them.

“This waffle is the eighth wonder of the world.”

The waffle cannot participate in the pancake party because it is a square.

Bite Into Goodness

Waffles are the true breakfast of champions.

We drove to California and had a picnic on the beach. Had a great time, even though our waffles fell on the ground.
– I’ll always remember that sandy Eggo trip.

“Pour some syrup on me.”

I made waffles this morning, but I have some bad news…
– I forgot the W and they turned out awful.

If you drop your waffle on the beach in San Diego…
– You have a sandy eggo in San Diego.

For the love of Stroopwafles.

All Day, Every Day

what do you call a waffle you find on the beach?
– san diego

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