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Waffle puns 🧇 in 2023

Steal my heart, not my waffle maker.

Our Waffles are Batter than Yours.

The best way to make a waffle smile is to butter it up.

My son made waffles for breakfast today. They weren’t that w-awful.

Make Mornings Matter

It is so simple to make a waffle smile. You just butter him up!

When the waiter asked if I’d like syrup or cream on my waffle, I exclaimed “They’re butter together!”

“#WOTD: waffle of the day.”

What do you call a waffle laying on a beach?
– Sandy eggo.

Have You Tried the Hot Dog Waffle?

Our waffle game is strong.

I ate waffle today at breakfast, and for some reason it gave me terrible gas from the back of my throat
– It was a belchin’ waffle (Belgian)

“If you love me, pass the syrup.”

What do you call a waffle mixed with building blocks?
– A Leggo

Why should you not eat waffles on the beach in California?
– Because you’ll end up with a sandy eggo.

So much deliciousness in just one bite

Make waffles, not pancakes

How long does it take to get the Belgium waffle all the way from Belgium?
– I overheard an older gentleman asking the waitress this before ordering at the diner.

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