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Zoo puns 🦁🐘🦧🦏 in 2022

A man walks into a zoo. The only animal in the entire zoo is a dog.
– Its a shitzu.

You goata be kidding me!

As the defendant skunk stepped on the podium there was quite a commotion. “Odor in the court!”, the Judge frantically demanded.

Need a pet, check at the zoo.

Everybody’s Zooing It

I saw a caged baguette in the zoo. The sign read ‘bread in captivity’.

The power outage at the zoo’s primate exhibit was caused by a stereo.
– Someone used it to play Rage Against The Machine. Lights out, gorilla radio.

Bears are sneakier than you would guess – they walk bearfoot.

Once you have looked at all the fish, let minnow what you think.

As sleepy as a Croc

Hanging with Hippos.

I went to a terrible zoo yesterday, it only had a dog
– It was a Shih Tzu

The monkey sat down and put sausages on his head. He was pretending to be a grilla.

The pig was wounded, so we needed a hambulance immediately.

These fish puns are kraken me up.

Busy bee

There are no painkillers to be found at the zoo – the parrotsate’emall.

Don’t panda to me just
– because you think I look cute.

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