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Zoo puns 🦁🐘🦧🦏 in 2022

I met my boyfriend at the zoo.
– He walked past in a uniform and I thought “There’s a keeper.”

Monkeys make for formidable allies in skirmishes – they are trained in gorilla warfare.

The rich bear had briefcases full of bearer bonds.

The chief distinction between fish and musical instruments is that you cannot tuna fish.

As sleepy as a Koala

So What Are You In For?

All the animals at the zoo were asleep when I visited. I was otterly disappointed.

The monkey found a lawyer who would only work for specific select clients. He was pro bonobo.

The worker bee was exiled from the hive. He could not beelieve it.

If you want something done right, do it yourself. Best not leave it to salmon else.

Come On A Safari With Me

The zookeeper was depressed after the zoo got rid of its small whale exhibit.
– There was no porpoise in her life anymore.

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