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Zoo puns in 2024

The strangest job I had was cleaning the monkey cages at our local zoo.
– That shit was bananas.

The bird pooped on the zoo guide’s head. It was quite hawkward.

The duck bought many shades of lipsticks in the cosmetics shop. “Put it on my bill”, it said.

As colorful as a Peacock

Hairy Fiesta

The lion at the zoo had his body shaved for lice. “Aww mane, no fur”, he thought to himself.

There’s an ongoing armed seige occurring at at the zoo…
– The gunmen have taken a number of ostriches.

The most common animal on dating websites are catfish.

The sea band lacked a bass guitarist.

As tall as a Giraffe

Don’t feed the animals.

Why don’t giraffes play basketball at the zoo?
– Too many cheetahs!

Toucan play at this game.

The laziest of kangaroos are called pouch potatoes.

Your idea is irrelephant

Don’t Listen to Him; He’s Lion.

Many hares escaped the zoo, so they sent a search party to comb the area.

The tiny turtle was turtley the cutest thing.

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