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Zoo puns 🦁🐘🦧🦏 in 2023

The zookeeper was depressed after the zoo got rid of its small whale exhibit.
– There was no porpoise in her life anymore.

The dolphin jumped out of the lake and hit the keeper with its tail, but not on porpoise.

The famous detective duck has quacked every case he’s been on.

As brave as a lion


One simply cannot play fair and win in a zoo – there are way too many cheetahs.

I went on a date last night with a girl from the zoo
– It was great. She’s a keeper.

The eagle got detained for attempted theft of surgical instruments from the hospital – it was quite ill-eagle.

Some fish like hanging around the dirty part of the aquarium. Others are sofishticated.

As sly as a fox

Don’t worry Owl wait.

What do you call a zoo with only dogs?
– A Shih Tzu

I dreamed that monkeys were falling out of the sky. It was a real ape-ril shower.

The frog showed up late to his work
– because his car was toad.

Saw a baguette at the zoo, it was bread in captivity.

Completely irr-elephant

Wild cats have the best teeth in the zoo
– because they fl-ocelot.

That is the sealist thing I ever saw at a beach.

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