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Gingerbread puns 🍪⛄🎅🏼 in 2022

Gingerbready or not, here I come!

You’re just in the (Saint) Nick of time.

These cookies were crumbelievable.

Do you know what game a german gingerbread kid plays?
Gluten Tag

Gingerbread men are the coo-key to my heart.

Ay crumb-a!

Thank you for always baking my day.

How did the gingerbread man wind up with one leg?
He lost the other in Nom.

Feeling a little too coo-keen about these gingerbread men!

Loved these cookies so munch.

You make my life so much Breader.

The gingerbread man goes to the doctor and tells him he broke his foot.
The doctor asks “did you try icing it?”

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