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Koala puns 🐨 in 2022

Where do all the famous koalas live?
– In Hollywood, koalafornia.

What did the koala radio host say before going on a commercial break?
– “We’re going to take a small paws for our sponsors.”

In Australia, puns are well thought-of, and high koala-ty.

Was the athletic koala able to finish the 20-mile marathon?
– Yes, bearly.

What is a koala’s favorite box of chocolates?
– Koalaty Streets!

How was it fixed by him?
– By taking admission to koalage.

What do you call a koala with a negative attitude?
– The bearer of bad news.

Every morning, my friend would boil some eucalyptus leaves in water. He calls it koala-tea.

It is impawsable to hear a bad koala joke.

Why do koalas make such great supervisors?
– Because they’re always so concerned about koalaty.

Why are great administrators always made by koalas?
– Because koalas are always so apprehensive about koalaty.

What does a koala who drinks beer eventually have?
– A bear gut.

What is a koala’s favorite pop song?
– Koala me maybe.

Why do koalas never wear shoes?
– Because koalas like moving bearfoot.

What is a koala’s favorite soft drink?
– Koka-Koala, of course!

If a koala always has something negative to say about anything, what would you call it?
– The bearer of bad news.

Koala scientists are known to be koalatative researchers, that is why their findings are always credible.

The koala bear got embearassed when he tripped and fell in a cafe filled with too many people.

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