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Koala puns 🐨 in 2023

The koala in the choir sings bearitone.

How do koalas get fit?
– They do bearobics.

Koalas are so adorable and caring. They give each other the best koalaty hugs.

How do you recognize a marsupial who is a priest?
– It has a white koaller around its neck.

Why is junk food liked by koalas?
– Because it is not easy for them to catch.

Where do koalas go to settle legal matters?
– A kangaroo court!

What’s the first thing a koala says when he picks a call?
– Hello, thanks for koal-ing.

And what do they do to stay fit?
– Bearobics.

Why was a lot of eucalyptus eaten by the koala bears?
– Because the koala couldn’t really leaf those eucalyptus unaccompanied.

How do koalas eat eucalyptus?
– With their bear hands.

Besides eucalyptus leaves, what is a koala bear’s favorite vegetable?
– Koalaflower.

What’s a marsupial’s favorite vacation destination?
– Koala Lumpur.

Koala puns are so funny, their unbearlievable.

What city do most koala film entertainers live in?
– Obviously In Koalawood, Koalafornia.

With a pair of glasses and a suit, you look so kool-ala.

How do koalas move stuff when doing some yard work?
– They use wheelbearrows.

Where do all the famous koalas live?
– In Hollywood, koalafornia.

What did the koala radio host say before going on a commercial break?
– “We’re going to take a small paws for our sponsors.”

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