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BBQ puns 🥩🔥🍖 in 2023

That black kid got a BBQ sauce on his act.

I can’t forget that bbq. It’s the time I slapped my meet on your grill.

Add the heat to the meat!

Everything tastes better grilled

Just chilling and having a barbeque is my kind of vacation.

What do you call a cow sitting on the floor? Ground beef.

You don’t need to worry if there’s a vegetarian at your bbq because they’ll tell you.

Leprechauns love to barbeque short ribs.

Barbecue and chill

When your sister asks dad for ketchup at the family bbq and you both grab it at the same time then that’s what we call a family bbq party.

Just saying, but this could be your next meal.

Why did the cannibal bring his friend to the BBQ?
The invitation said BYO meat.

Italians can’t have bbqs. Spaghetti falls through grill.

Wake up, it’s barbecue o’ clock!

Read my lips: “It’s time to BBQ!”

A group of men waiting for a haircut is referred to as a barbecue.

You better barbecue it.

What did the butcher say when he gave me the wrong meat order? “I’m sorry for the mis-steak”.

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