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BBQ puns 🥩🔥🍖 in 2022

What did the cow’s Valentine’s Day Card say? ”Will you beef my Valentine?”

A dry rub is my least favorite bbq massage.

Why are you all up in my grill if I never invited you to the barbeque?

You don’t like hot dogs? Well, you’re the wurst

Release the Kracklen is the result of crossing a bbq’ed pork with a gigantic sea monster.

Keep calm and eat BBQ.

You know Luke’s favorite bbq meal?
– A Tatooweenie.

When a guy walks into a tall bbq joint, the steaks are normally high.

Nice to meat you

Finger smokin’ good

Barbeque isn’t popular among the Mexicans because beans keep falling through the grill.

What is a skeleton’s favorite meat choice? Spare ribs.

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