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Knitting puns in 2024

Have you heard about the guy going around different towns and jabbing people with knitting needles?
– Police believe he is following some sort of pattern

Do you knit?
Knittaz 4 life
What up my knittah

A needle teenager really wanted to go to a movie. “Can I please have some cash?
– I needle some change for the film”, he begged his father.

We’re a tight-knit bunch.

A woman had to get her knitting needles fixed. They just didn’t seam right.

It’s easy to spot if someone is a knitting addict. They always have a stitch policy about who can use their needles.

Using forest logs is a sheep method to ignite a fire.

Halo. Do you like to knit?

The mother of my children just finished knitting a scarf
She wrapped it around her neck, and got her mouth and nose covered as well:

Me: Hey, you look like a wooligan!

She: … (glaring..) and you look awfully proud of yourself.

Indeed I was.

The balloon often goes to various needle concerts. He wants to become a pop star someday.

I can’t believe I didn’t find out about the yarn theft before. The robber was easily able to pull the wool over my eyes.

If you want to know about string

I go to the World Knitting Competition every year. It’s quite knots.

Knitted necklaces are really expensive because they’re made with handcrafted purls.

A needle and a thread were playing hide and seek. “I can sew you!”, yelled the thread when he spotted the needle.

A day without knitting in pointless.

People say crochet is like knitting,
– but it’s knot.

Christmas trees are the worst knitters. You’ll find them constantly dropping their needles.

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