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Knitting puns in 2024

Dadjoked my friend while knitting.
– I was about a fourth of the way through knitting a scarf, and I turned to my friend and said, “Damn, I’ll never finish this by Wednesday…unless….I PULL AN ALL-KNITTER!” She was very disappointed, and I felt ready for fatherhood.

A successful acupuncture session is a needle jab done well.

My grandmother just finished a 3-day yarn marathon. I hope she’s feeling wool.

Eat, knit, laugh, repeat.

Knitters don’t make good drivers. They weave a lot.

My mother has been asking me for the contact details of good local knitters. Unfortunately, I’m knit sure if I can help her since I don’t know anyone.

The spool asked the needle how she was doing in the quarantine. “Sew sew”, she replied.

Knitting’s a piece of cake.

Why are Christmas trees so bad at knitting?
– Because they always drop their needles… Ho Ho Ho!

My daughter can’t seem to have any luck mending her sweaters. I guess she needles a bit of help from me.

Lisa gave the wrong instructions to the cardigan maker, so there’s a chance that the cardigan may turn out to be the wrong shape. I guess only time wool tell.

Sometimes I knit too late. It makes me yarn.

Cats should be prevented from swallowing any yarn. Otherwise, they might accidentally end up having mittens.

There’s no point in writing a pun concerning a needle in a haystack.

The cardigan convention was a once in a life experience. I wool always remember it.

ProcastiKNITting: To defer all other activities besides knitting.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet here today. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the local news. Apparently there’s a lad going around stabbing people with knitting needles.
– Police say he may be following a pattern.

What I think of every time I hear cable knit sweater.

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