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Pho puns 🍜 in 2023

I will love soup pho-ever.

I want to try that noodle house that just opened up
– but it is just so pho away.

– A revolution in archaeology related to ancient Vietnamese soup

Beef Vietnamese soup is so pho king delicious.

Yes, you hurt me but if you buy me dinner I can pho-give you.

– A pho restaurant dedicated to fandoms everywhere

I want to open a Vietnamese / Italian restaurant named Pho-GetAboutIt

Deep in the jungles of Vietnam…
Deep in the jungles of Vietnam…
…you don’t know what’s friend and what’s pho

Why is it so enjoyable and fast when you feast on a Vietnamese dish that consists of soup and fried herbed calamari?
– Thyme fries when you’re having pho.

Ziegfeld’s Phởlies
– Serving up song and dance and soup

My lady isn’t feeling well and is home sick today. Heading home for lunch with her…

Me: “Do you want m to pick you up anything?”

Her: “Pho, but not until dinner”

Me: “Not pho lunch?”

Her: Groans

That Vietnamese restaurant in the city has been around pho a very long time.

Where would you find a good noodle house in Germany?
– In Frank-pho.

Phởsical Phởtness
– They feature a well-rounded combination of healthy soup and a workout facility.

I went to a Vietnamese food truck at lunch to order my favourite soup…
I went to a Vietnamese food truck at lunch to order my favourite soup…
– But there was a huge line and I was in a rush. It was kind of a pho queue.

Don’t pho-get to order the spring rolls as an appetizer.

– Thay spel awl thuh wurds on thare menyoo funetticly. Yoo may take longgur reeding it, but at leest yool say thuh wurds rite. (They spell all the words on their menu phonetically. You may take longer reading it, but at least you’ll say the words right.)

I’m thinking of opening a Pho restaurant that never closes
– Gonna call it Twenty Pho Seven

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